Unboxing the Boing Boing x Quarterly Maker Box!

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What, no seamonkeys?

We at the bbs are well prepared and excited to see new fermentors and growers join us. These kinds of hobbies, professions, and obsessions are the bees knees.

Which reminds me, I need to start raising bees.


There’s a hobby that will drive you crazy. A beehive is a Murphy’s Law generator in a box.


Please don’t make a stink about fermenting, it does well enough on its own.


Seamonkeys will come with the microscope.

At least, when I got a Tasco microscope in the late sixties, it came with a bottle of brine shrimp eggs, which I later read were “seamonkeys”.

One used to be able to buy “grab bags” or “surprise boxes”, for a small amount from electronic stores or Edmond Scientific. You’d get some junk, maybe floor sweepings, and usually some thing useful related to whatever the store sold. Probably more useful when you were starting, so you had junk for your “junk box”. Later, you already had enough junk, so why pay for more?

SeaMonkies are so twen cen, Waterbears are where it’s at now.

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Isn’t a ‘fermenting kit’ just a mason jar and some salt?

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