Undercover cop aims gun at photographer at Oakland protest of police killings

That’s all you’ve got?


What difference does it make? The “new user” is not only disagreeing with the majority view, but has also been shown to simply be factually wrong. Returning user or not, they are being called out for that.


I know trigger discipline. I was echoing the confusion over his undisciplined gangsta style grip.

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It takes less than that to be villified, Michael Brown has been villified, among other things, for being big.
If they want to villify you, they will.


You will have to enlighten me on who teaches that. If it is side draw holster it doesn’t naturally exit the holster at an angle. I suppose it would with appendix carry, but rotating the arm in one fluid motion I think provides a much more natural point of aim.

The only time I have seen a pistol being turned on it’s side being practical is shooting from odd, unconventional positions.

I shoot USPSA and if this method shaved off a second on a 30 round course, everyone would be using it.


So you’re suggesting he should be banned for disagreeing with the majority opinion or because you allege he is factually wrong? Either way my point still stands. Any group who holds an opinion they are unwilling to defend from scrutiny is suspect in my book. You are entitled to your opinion.

Nope, not even slightly.
I’m saying he IS factually wrong and I’m calling him out on it.
I’m also saying if the mods of the board deem him to have done something to warrant a ban, then he should be banned. It is, after all, their “playground”.
Good on you for putting words in my mouth though, That makes all kinds of arguments much easier to win.


does it matter to you if @W96 is wrong on the facts? so far the account has not been suspended although it certainly seems set up to express one particular point of view and excuse that point of view past the point of absurdity. i think that point is silly and counterfactual but good on @W96 for having the courage to take a stand in favor of police infiltrating legal protests and then waving a gun around and pointing it at unarmed protesters when his cover was blown. it takes a lot of guts to stand up for police misconduct and creating a public danger. is that your stance as well?


That’s precisely the really shitty part of these assholes’ conduct. It’s a protest, not a shootout. You want to assert your control of a situation, why not pull your BADGE and establish yourself as a cop?

I know there may be 2 sides to this story, but it’s telling how quickly these jerkoffs escalated things to the point of armed force.


The news said the cops had already been assaulted before waving the gun. They were highly outnumbered. If that’s true the situation had already escalated.





I think in this situation they are trying to keep protests from turning into riots. At least that’s what they said. Nothing wrong with that. Now , if they are really trying to turn protest into riots there is a huge problem. We know some police departments have been guilty of this in the past but that’s not what this is about. Is it? This is about outnumbered police who claim to have been attacked while trying to protect protesters from those who would incite a riot.

Who is telling the truth? How do you know?

I’ve always thought that the purpose of the canted grip was to cause ejected brass flies high into the air, so it makes a more satisfying tinkling sound when it hits the sidewalk/floor/pavement.


Escalation is a continuum, not a true-or-false state. Pointing a deadly weapon at a crowd is very near the final conclusion of that continuum.


That’s what is being claimed – the protesters say that the two were inciting damage, and that’s how they were identified as undercover provocateurs.

Pointing guns at photographers documenting the scene also tends to make one less believable.


Ahh, Berkeley, so many reasons to love you…

good for you, sticking up for the armed policeman waving a gun around in the middle of a crowd after he had been outed. it’s refreshing to see someone step up and back the boys in blue despite misconduct and creating a public danger by waving his gun around and pointing it at anyone who was trying to document him. it takes a lot of courage to support that kind of incompetence and stupidity and i’m glad to see someone with the courage to do that. my hat’s off to you.


If it stops further violence it concludes the continuum as apparently it did in this example. It seems to me that a conclusion was necessary to stop further escalation. Bravo.

Sometimes it’s the penultimate step in the continuum…

These cops made provocative decisions at every branch on the decision tree. The fact he didn’t open fire should not be counted to his credit, since he created the situation in the first place.