Unfortunate lady transforms into giant sexy blueberry

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pretty weak Rule 34 IMHO

Unless this was just a short clip from a larger fruit-themed erotic thriller


Nope, that’s all you need for these videos really. There’s actually a pretty big amount of porn on youtube that’s fetish-ey like this. Mostly inflation like here and giant, which is mostly women in heels stomping on toy cars.

People are weird.


Wow that is so not my fetish.


Q: “What am I gonna do?”

A: Go to a comics convention and say you’re cosplaying Obese Mystique.

@wisconsinplatt: Inflation is a well-kno… actually a fairly obscure fetish.

(It’s not mentioned on that Wikipedia page but there are guys who inject saline into their scrota so as to have huge porcine-looking balls. Some of them show them off at Folsom Street Fair and the like.)

(All links SFW. You can GIS for yourself.)


Can I get her price per pound?

Asking for a friend.


On one hand: Hey it’s great that there’s the means for people to indulge in their personal taste in kinks and blah blah blah.

On the other hand:


From that link:

He had obtained information and a disposable scrotal infusion toolkit from a website and had infused 2½ litres of normal saline into his scrotum over 2 hours, 3 days previously.

and OMFG:

A 51 year old white man developed mediastinal, retroperitoneal, and
scrotal emphysema following scrotal inflation by his wife using a
drinking straw.

There’s a reason why the root for ‘tolerate’ is tolero ‘to bear, endure’ (also the ‘suffer’ in ‘suffer little children and forbid them not’, these two concepts swim together).

When something just isn’t a big deal, and you can’t imagine why anyone gets worked up about it, you aren’t really ‘tolerant’ of it. Toleration kicks in for the stuff that squicks the hell out of you; but for which no principled ethical objection can be mounted.


At least the saline might have been sterile. I’m no MD; but ‘oral normal flora’ doesn’t sound like something you really want introduced into your scrotum.


I’m disgusted with myself for being unable to think up a decent “blue balls” joke as a response to this.


Yeah, but you know there are probably thousands of kinky dudes jerkin’ it to some variation of the “Augustus Gloop” scene.



There’s actually a pretty big amount of porn on youtube that’s fetish-ey like this.

They have straight up Hong Kong and Taiwanese softcore movies in the less noticed corners.

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Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto

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So, you want a career that will make you a more well rounded?
Have I got the opportunity for you!


Now we have a whole new meaning for “I’ve got a golden ticket.”


toleration (n.)
1510s, “permission granted by authority, licence,” from Middle French tolération (15c.), from Latin tolerationem (nominative toleratio) “a bearing, supporting, enduring,” noun of action from past participle stem of tolerare “to endure, sustain, support, suffer,” literally “to bear,” from PIE *tele- “to bear, carry” (see extol).

The modern concept is five hundred years removed from its roots.

Yeah, I certainly can’t deny that I’m swimming against the tide on the meaning of this particular word.

I think that it is a pity, though, because it helps people muddy the distinction between what you tolerate and what just doesn’t bother you.

Roughly speaking, you’ve got things you either approve of or are unmoved by; things you dislike but don’t have any principled reason to oppose, and things you do like but do have a principled reason to oppose.

Your assignment of things into those categories is quite distinct from the degree to which you do, or don’t, put up with things you find distasteful but not unethical. How you will actually behave ends up being a function of both in combination; but the two are very much separable.

One can find the practices of most people who don’t act like you to be disgusting; but be willing to live and let live. One can also be fairly virulently intolerant; but not even be able to imagine why anyone could possibly get worked up about ‘the gays’ or whoever the group in question is.

Operationally, of course, most people care about how you act, rather than why; but conflating two distinct causes really muddies things.

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