Unfuck Today

I don’t know if it would work.

We could, instead of posting here… send a note to our government representative?

But that’s no fun. What if we had an interface to send the comments we leave here directly to their representative and start a discussion at the same time?

Form letter maker, democratic process barrier dropper, how to win because we refuse to lose.


They don’t open their ears except to money and ideas they already agree with.


No point for me. Mine won’t listen to me as I don’t have any say in anything round here.

And as much as I like the idea of sending them sarcastic gifs, as a political strategy, it’s somewhat lacking. :smiley:

ETA: But if you do have a say in your political process, use it.

Before clicking this thread, I’d assumed that the premise was ‘Share with us a snafu that you corrected/saved/redeemed/made lemonade from, etc’.

Since we’re on the topic of citizen futility, here’s my routine:

—Read news, opinion, analysis from variety of sources (Guardian, Times, Economist, WSJ)
—Discuss news and issues with family and friends
—Write my representatives
—Wait for bigots and fundamentalists to die

Last one seems to be working the best so far.


Preach it brother!


Not so fast punk. I can’t die yet, I have four same-sex marriages scheduled on my lawn this summer.


Even your avatar is old! We changed the font on that months ago!


Can you type that again? I had to stop and take 25 minutes to figure out how to turn up my hearing aid so I can read what you wrote.


I did write to Sen. Richard Shelby about improved gun control but something about this recent campaign picture tells me it’s an uphill battle.

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Or you could use your democratic powers by realizing if ya ain’t got a job, you have time not money. And if money is speech. Speech is money.

Just… one note to your government could give them the ability to figure out what you’re thinking without a poll. Or without having to make you think something through advertising.

So. Write your complaints about your lives to you government. And then vote your conscience.

That gives them the tools they need to free themselves of the money in politics cycle.

Political reform starts wjth you.

So… yeah. No hope.there!

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I’m a less than regular poster to BBS, but in my hazy, ever-addled brain, I remembered this thread as an alternative to Fuck Today. I have an Unfuck Today I want to share.

I was at a librarian conference in Atlanta over this past weekend, and between meetings, I was able to join the women’s march there for about 10 blocks. Without any agenda, I tell you honestly, it was the first time I felt any lightness since he was elected.

I have Bipolar II, and as such, I am well versed in descriptions of depression. I seek out such descriptions because it is so very difficult to describe to someone who doesn’t suffer what it feels like. One of the best I’ve ever encountered (and I’m paraphrasing): It is like wet, wet wool that shrouds your entire body as you attempt to make breakfast, shuttle the kids the school, take a shower. It hangs on you with invisible weight; all actions become at once muted and insurmountable.

This is how I have felt since he won. During those short ten blocks, the wool lifted. I saw women, men, and children of all shapes, sizes, colors, and nationalities marching together in what can only be described as joy. It was hope, the first glimmer since the wool descended on our nation.

I’m not here to argue the long-term effect of such marches or what we should do next. I’m here to say: It was a lightness. A glee. An unfuck today that, albeit briefly, made me proud to be American.


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