Unfuck your Habitat: the app

for smartphone users who actually want to do stuff with their pocket computers

This is the comment I replied to. The iphone is absolutely a pocket computer but the underlying commentary from steve the iskeptic is that Android, for some unexplained and probably ill-informed reason, is a pocket computer on which you can’t do stuff.

The idiocy is this endlessly-repeated catch-cry of people who, for whatever reasons, love to be unpaid brand evangelists. To prove his idiocy wrong I listed a bunch of things that my pocket computer can achieve with apps from the play store that ithings do not allow.

Only if you keep your wristwatch in your pocket.

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Now you’ve got me wondering if I need to sanitize my dresser drawers more often.


Did Jule miss the research that showed kids who grew up in rural environments typically had stronger resistance to infection than kids from urban/suburban settings? If she’s worried about the dirtiness of her bed, how does she do on public transport? Using an ATM keypad must give her an absolute meltdown!

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As far as I know, I’m the only person in my family who has gone to the trouble of (very occasionally… like biennially at most) taking apart and cleaning out the cutlery drawer in the kitchen cabinet. It’s all too easy to assume, with out-of-sight-out-of-mind aplomb, that just because the drawer closes firmly, it must be a pollutant-free sealed box for one’s clean flatware. By the time I get around to cleaning it, there are small particles of sawdust or termite turds or god-knows-what-all sprinkled around the knife handles. And as I said, I think I’m the only one in my extended family who notices these tiny chunks of effluvium enough to clean out the drawer. And yet my family gets sick less often than most.

We’re surrounded by life and all its associated parasites and hangers-on. It doesn’t do to dwell on them overmuch.

Agreed. Further to my commentary above about neat-freak significant others, my partner cleans the cutlery drawers periodically too :stuck_out_tongue:

I am careful to wash my hands if I’m going to eat or if I’ve been touching stuff at a mall or taking out the trash but that’s about it. Bacteria and dirt: it’s okay sometimes.

True, iff “a bunch” == “1”.

But what the hey. The issue, if you insist on my spelling this out for you, is that Cory has for some years now nursed a snit of some sort about Apple, to the extent that he won’t acknowledge the existence of anything he might like on iOS until it comes out in an Android version – in this case, Unfuck Your Habitat.

Call me an “unpaid brand evangelist” if you like, but I would hate to see one of my favourite platforms undermined by a plagiarised johnny-come-lately device, especially by fans who bend their reporting to fit their preferred world-view.

Good luck with your future ventures.

You’d almost think he doesn’t want to recommend something without using it first. What a strange policy that is.

I can see you have reading/counting/learning difficulties, so I won’t serve you my usual brand of completely blistering ridicule but I actually mentioned 3 things:

  1. Block ads
  2. Bit torrent
  3. Open bluetooth protocol for unlicensed 3rd party addons

I can go on, if you want:
4) Get unadulterated desktop versions of websites
5) including all content (Flash… lots of sites still serve it)
6) Many devices’ bootloaders open for legitimate jailbreak
7) Run any keyboard you want (swype/swiftkey rules)
8) Run any launcher/homescreen you want
9) Multiple O/S boot options
10) Install non-official apps without jailbreak
11) Apps that can custom-set all permission for all apps
12) Free to develop and distribute apps
…and there’s many many more but I’ll avoid you the embarrassment.

Thanks for “spelling it out” for me… Thankfully Jardine has already pointed out why your accusation of Cory is idiocy: He doesn’t own an ithing, so how is he going to test out and recommend an ios app?

I will call you an unpaid brand evangelist because that’s what you’re being: a shill, for free. Hey man, based on your commentary I don’t like you very much but even I value you more than zero. Have a little self-respect!

favourite platforms … plagiarised

Android users love how butt hurt ifans are by perceived plagiarism. Glass house, stone-throwing not recommended.

Then there’s the Braun designs Ives used as “inspiration”

johnny-come-lately device

First, it’s an operating system and a platform, not a device. Try to use the right terminology. Second, the first commercially available android device was available 1 year after the original iphone and Android as a platform existed long before any iphone. I agree that the iphone was the first device to package smart-phone functions in a compelling product, but it wasn’t the first phone to do anything. All of iphone’s functions existed in other phones prior to its release.

fans who bend their reporting to fit their preferred world-view

When you’re an editor of a popular blog I’m sure your reporting will be much less biassed, amirite?

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