Unicorn 'splainer

Just saw this… Probably something that has been around for ages, but I figured that with all the ebola, algae toxins, middle east unrest, etc a Unicorn Chaser was needed.


Except when I saw the word ‘prism’ I immediately thought ‘NSA’.

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So what would be a suitable sized glass for a unicorn chaser?

One shot, straight up, no ice.

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This would be suitable:


When I think of the NSA, I picture stuff spewing out of someone’s ass…

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You can add it people posting digusting GIFs over in HYST.


Yes. I’m looking right at you.

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Heh all I can find is the Obama version of that image which I assume predates it.

I wonder if it could be weaponised by a Unicorn Centipede arrangement.

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My response to that poster:

You’re telling me that a generation of people who’ve been ripped off by the olds, people who have the most debt in history, who simply aren’t being hired in the fields of their degrees, people who understand that the olds are full of shit, people who know that Gordon Gecko’s “greed is good” is a lie, are going to not vote for things that will help to fix all the old people’s fuckups?


I can’t believe there’s finally someone with a shot at running a western ‘democracy’ (let alone the US!), who you can actually trust 100% to represent the fucking people.



There was mention of the unicorn pic in one of the YT vids on Sanders I’ve been binging on; Young Turks, RT, etc.

Who votes?

We’ll see… thing is, this time there’s somebody to vote for, instead of just the usual wall of against.

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