Uninsured driver plows through gamer's living-room wall and creams him mid-Fallout 4

We agree. Most of us anyway.


In Europe we know our walls :wink:


I’m still wondering if the driver was playing GTA.

Was this a Console Gamer vs. PC Master Race thing?

I sense a missed opportunity here.


We need stronger car control laws. Look at how easy it was for this uninsured driver to get access to a car! If only we had stronger background checks, this would never have happened.



Looking at the bright side: His living room looks a lot like the game now.


We live on a corner, along a fairly busy road. People like to use the entrance to our street as an assist to u-turns all day long.

I have often worried that a car will misjudge the turn, come careening down the short hillside of our front yard, and go through the half-basement windows. Which is where we play video games. So does anyone know where he bought that chair?


If you are really worried, sink a bollard or two in front of the danger area (assuming you own the home). You could put them to the side of the windows so they don’t block light/view.

Get a 6 or 8" tall 4" diameter galvanized steel tube, dig a post hole down 3’ mb 4’ place tube in hole, fill hole and tube with concrete (I’m sure there are some youtube tutorials out there, Rule 34 and all). Paint nicely. Allow ivy to grow over (or brick up a column footer and make it a lamp or plant holder or something).

I can see a big fat overstuffed LayZ Boy recliner w gaming attachments in your future. sweet!
Let us know how the catheter add-on works out.


I’m no expert on prohibition era lingo but I thought that “creamed” meant “whacked” or “killed” as modern kids are calling it, used sometimes in sporting taunts “yous guys are gonna get creamed!”. Glad to see that the guy didn’t die and also glad that this means that the headline of this article is not as insensitive as I orignally presumed, but not glad that my wiseguy vocab aint as brushed up as I thought.


When I was younger, I thought the planks-and-cardboard walls in the Tom&Jerry cartoons are just a fiction, because nobody, I assumed, could ever build such lousy structures.


What a mess! The energy of cars is harnessed best coming from an east window or bookcase. Now the feng shui’s shot to hell.


I think the spell-check for BB is broken or something, I dunno…

“At first I was like, ‘These graphics are amazing! It feels like I am really there!’ and then the pain hit.”

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Meters not inches.


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