Uninsured driver plows through gamer's living-room wall and creams him mid-Fallout 4


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Thanks for spreading the word. It’s been crazy round these parts and it’s comforting to see good people reach in and save the day.


Can’t tell if his Luck perk is too low (it happened) or high (the chair).


I don’t see how the uninsured driver plowing into the guys room has anything to do with Fallout 4, the hottest game of the year amirite? Are people so crazed to get near the game they’re willing to drive through ANY obstacle to do so?


Well if it wasn’t for Fallout 4, he might actually be outside.


And thank god he wasn’t, without the walls and his chair to protect him he’d be dead now!


Millions of people die outside every year. Fallout 4 saves lives.


What are you, some kind of indoorsexual? The First Amendment guarantees the right of every citizen to peaceably assemble, indoors or outdoors.


It’s the “getting violently disassembled” part you have to avoid.


No offense but Cory, I have to ask “breaks”? Brakes are what might stop the car…


Looks broken to me.


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Thanks, my mom was an ex-English teacher “The beatings will continue until your spelling improves”… :wink:


I blame violent TV programming and games! I am sure if there was no violence over the air/internet, he and the driver would still be happily droning on. Perhaps using meth. Or killing each other over a vodka bottle. Or just shooting up stop signs. Or just batting off the neighborhood mailboxes. …you know, the normal kind of kid!?

I am sure violence pouring straight from the screen had something to do with it. Think of the children!


“Them’s the breaks!”

(Ba-dmp-pshh! I’ll be here all week, try the steak!)


But did he manage to save his game?


This is why we should be allowed to sit whilst wearing power armour…


Looking at the hole in the wall, I keep hearing the “Starsky and Hutch” theme music.

As usual, my take away from this is “WTF America?!” If getting run over in your own home leaves you in debt, there is something wrong with your medical system.


My take away can wait till Rob reports it. :wink:


Uninsured driver plows through underinsured gamer’s under-built living-room wall.

But the internet is already way too full of Europeans gloating about insurance, so I’ll brag about our solidly-built walls instead:

Gott soll einen hüten vor allem, was noch ein Glück ist. - May God protect us from everything that is ‘still lucky’.
Friedrich Torberg

And while we’re at it, I hope the poor guy had not one vertebra, but many vertebrae, before one of them was fractured.