Universal Music's anti-piracy ads reached new heights of crazypants gore

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At first I thought, “What’s with the eyeball?”

But of course the answer is obvious.


Where in shitting crikey is my nose?! it’s on the newspaper, mate…

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I agree that this type of campaign is absolutely pointless and counterproductive, but on a technical point, I don’t think you understand “breakage” as it applies to digital music sales.

Breakage refers to income a label/distributor might earn that is not directly related to music consumption. Examples would include unrecouped advances, or income from bundle deals where there has been no usage (where a consumer gets free Spotify with their phone contract, but never bother using the app). I think you are referring in your article to the rumour (since, I think, refuted) that UMG don’t distribute this type of income to their artists.

Maybe you’re not the target, and neither am I. Maybe it’s aimed at members of Congress.


Everything about this ad campaign is disgusting,
but WTF is up with the Nazi SS deaths head ring?
Can we call at least an '‘accidental’ Godwin flag on this Stresiand effect questionably intentional viral publicity bomb?

And because we’ve posted it and discussed it here- it’s worked, and has done the job the marketing drones wanted it to.

The whole point was to be controversial and crazy, get talked about and win by getting its share of mind space.

Any resemblance to a certain presidential campaign strategy is purely intentional.

If your are just fundamentally right about the ethical apocalypse that is file sharing then surely no method of propaganda is too extreme to assist in its extermination!

Ye gods! When you stand on the right side of the line, is it not your moral duty to use every horrific ounce of bludgeoning imagery to win the fight!?

Who knows where next our searching eye shall fall? Who knows what obscenity we can bend to our project? In the end, it becomes our duty to go where the human mind should not, lest we lose this vital high-ground of moral culture.

*dead eyes

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They still believe somebody actually takes them seriously?

I’d call it a generic heavy metal skull ring. SS rings look a bit different, finer and better designed.

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Well I guess that ‘Stop ruining our gravy train’ and ‘when will we realise we can’t put the genie back in the bottle’ would be a tad too honest…




“Dear Band I Like,
Please leave Universal Music before they start removing your body parts.
Thank you - a Fan”


Well they should stop doing that to their own artists first. Everyone knows major labels love to rip off their own artists when it comes to revenue sharing of streamed music


I see I wasn’t the only person to immediately think…“Wait, isn’t this what the labels are doing to the artists?”


They should have some guy with a ball gag tied up in leather.

“See this? This is our bitch. Only we can fuck our bitch. Don’t steal our bitch’s music.”


That eyeball is so lame. Saatchi Sao Paulo ripped off Universal Music with low grade shit and helped them makes fools of themselves too. Sounds like an okay sort.

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A bit more accurate…


Their campaign reminds me of this classic…


Wait, I just figured it out. Everyone download as much Justin Beiber as they can and apparently we’ll get parts of him sent around the country.

I like the way you think, Universal.


Come on, Universal.

Nobody is going to believe that an eye that not-bloodshot and non-dilated belongs to anyone in a band.

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