Unlikely and excellent career advice from Mythbusters' Adam Savage

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I find it’s the comments he makes at the very end of the video that resonate most with me. I’m going to paraphrase them here, because they’re so good. Yes, I transcribed this part of the video just to make this comment.

“Carlos Castaneda’s books are among my favorite analogies for life and creativity. There’s this point at which the wise Yaqui mystic says to Carlos, ‘Oh, I could tell you the purpose of the universe, but you won’t understand it!’ And he’s totally right! [It’s] this concept of ‘you can’t understand the thing until you can understand the thing.’ You just have to chew on a certain amount of mud before you know how to bid out a job. You have to bid on a bunch of crappy jobs. You’ve heard a bunch of advice that you didn’t understand until you came to realize ‘oh, this is a problem because I didn’t take that thing into account.’ It’s a process. It would be lovely if we could take every piece of advice we get and actually understand it. But that’s not how we function. We are iterative explorers.”


Absolute truth. Love it. Thanks for highlighting that.

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