Unraveling Swiss Army Man

*** Spoilers Ahead *** (or so I hope)

So I’m guessing whoever would want to see Swiss Army Man (SAM) already has. (And if you’ve been on the fence, GO! This is a beautiful, delightful film with two very strong performances.)

SAM is layered, poetic, a little bit twisted, and a lotta bit fun. You can (almost) read it straight, or treat it as a trip through metaphor-land, or just go for the yucks…the Daniels have provided plenty of reasons to appreciate this film.

Except for that ending! What’s up with that?

Have any Boingers figured out that ending? Richard Roeper ended his review with this: “You might tire of the flatulence and the erections and the self-conscious whimsy. But if you stick with it, there’s a chance it’ll grow on you as it grew on me — and you’ll be rewarded with maybe the best ending of any movie so far this year.”

WTF? I have to assume that by “best” he meant, “most confusing, against-the-flow finale since Lost went off the air.” But that’s p’bly just me being dense – could an adult in the room explain it to me?

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