Unsealed Jeffrey Epstein documents show how he & Ghislaine Maxwell lured girls into sex abuse

They’re incapable of empathy?


Maybe he will now get to be roomies with Jeffyboy in prison.

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It honestly wouldn’t take all that much. With some one like Acosta stone walling it, and the fact that it was a plea deal. Meaning Epstein was technically already convicted, and thus double jeopardy. The nature of the deal, probably illegally, kept a lot of the details secret.

Prosecutors, particularly US attorneys are astoundingly powerful people. And the speed with which Epstein was grabbed up after the blocks around the deal started to fall indicate that he was under investigation already, possibly for quite a while. Remember his arrest was for crimes committed since the deal. And prosecutors are now eagerly poking the original deal apart with a stick, likely so they can invalidate it. And certainly cause they seem pissed at Acosta.

And just to reassert some context. Raise your hand if you were aware in the first place or recalled who Jeffery Epstein was prior to 2016 and his connections to Trump (and a bit later Clinton) brought him back into the news? Outside of the original case this guy wasn’t exactly a household name until recently. Its not hard to believe that Sheriffs, deputies and what have would not even be aware of how that wrapped up, or shrug it off and move on. And anyone not directly involved would really only have heard about it in the papers.

Its not clear to me you’d need more than Acosta to get this outcome. Yeah there will maybe be pissed subordinates and police/fbi agents, but institutional inertia and a single authority figure go a long way. I’m sure pissed subordinates weren’t quiet about it, say when chatting with colleagues from the Southern District of New York…

I think its safe to assume whatever he got was political or career focused in nature. Though I wouldn’t put the other options, or even blackmail if that’s really what Epstein’s been up to, out of the running.

But it doesn’t “appear” anything. There are a lot of steps between here and there, and there is nothing in information yet release indicating what if anything Acosta may have gotten anything. Nor anything yet showing direct ties or actions to the sort of people who could do that. Yeah Epstein knew Trump, but even with all these releases we don’t have anything showing Trump was directly tied to Epsteins creep show, or that Trump did the guy favors, and so forth.

So while expect that Acosta was rewarded in some way. And I’d probably put money on that being political, or similar, in nature. I wouldn’t assume its the cabinet position specifically he got, or even whatever it was lead that way.

Like I said he could have gotten a basement full of kidnapped girls for all we know. And whatever it was is probably sufficiently six degrees of Kevin Bacon to insulate people. But we can all dream, right?

Like I’ve said I know some people in law enforcement who do these investigations. Pretty sure I’ve met the US Attorney handling this.

They’re pissed. And they’re really pissed at Acosta.


You know that, and I know that, but these assholes seem to have no clue, even thought it’s so obvious.


I am sure many people heard of Epstein before 2016. They made an entire Law & Order episode about him in 2011, which I remember watching and being quite disturbed.


Maxwell is.

She’s a woman who had no problem exploiting other young women who were underage for profit.



And, as with the church, the problem extends far beyond the direct perpetrators.

What do you think are the chances that Epstein and Maxwell’s activities were not an open secret amongst much of the bipartisan American ruling class?

And Epstein himself is just the tip of an iceberg:


Actually none of the other instances of him raping women or assaulting women have made it into court or law enforcement, so if it came to be revealed in court that he participated in this abuse, then he could be indicted for it when he is out of office.


In the court proceedings for his first divorce Ivana testified under oath that Donald physically attacked and raped her in a fit of rage because her favorite plastic surgeon botched his scalp reduction surgery.

She later publicly walked that back saying something like “not in the legal sense,” but that was likely just because the divorce settlement had a non-disparagement clause.


Its pretty obvious that Trump gives zero fucks about his reputation, as long as the money, women and fame keep flowing. I just wonder if this is what brought down Epstein. Many previous presidents would have had good reason to keep Epstein’s information out of the courts, but maybe its just not working now.


Ninety-nine rows back, a wolf in sheep clothing…

It was botched, alright. Not nearly enough scalp was removed.

I imagine the entitlement helps one avoid the yoke of empathy.

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I really hope Epstein and Maxwell both get put away for a long time, and their enablers / customers get exposed and punished, too.

EDIT: I should have checked the homepage.

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i would say that it goes back to different layers of intelligences that each one of us has. a person can be a brilliant physicist but a total twunt in every other aspect. Or can start a social media company, but somehow be unbelievably socially inept.

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