Unsettling drone video of deserted Shanghai that's currently in lockdown

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What’s really unsettling are the stories of overwhelmed hospitals there, of sick children forcibly separated from their parents, and then neglected by hospitals with overwhelmed staff… the idea that the pandemic is over is being brutally disproven right now, all around the world.


OMG recognize my favorite bar on the bund and the secret pathway through the old neighborhood I used to walk. Shanghai used to be different…

So sad that I think I’ve seen that quarantine center on Netflix.


The reason that the hospitals are overwhelmed is apparently that everyone with a positive covid test is admitted to hospital.

If that is true, then considering that there are many other life-threatening conditions which require hospital care, it may be an inappropriate response.

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This is unsettling, but it’s also true that a full and proper lockdown is what works in outbreaks.


I went to the Shanghai Expo in 2010. They had just added like 4 lines to their subway system in anticipation of it which was impressive. It was a strange event, like a pop-up Epcot, but somehow more corporate. A quarantine center is quite the dramatically ironic upcycle for a space designed to allow nations around the world to gather and market themselves as international trade partners and tourism destinations…

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At 0:18 a car seems to disappear in the upper right corner of the frame, as it approaches what looks like a jackknifed truck. Watch at 1/4 speed

Except I’m reading about even children dying in hospitals there, not being given sufficient care by overwhelmed staff. So it’s not just that hospitals are turning into overfull covid warehouses…


It seems to be going behind the adjacent building. The top of the building lines up with the edge of the visible road surface, which probably contributes to the illusion. Looking again, what looks like a truck is probably an HVAC unit on the roof of the building.

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