UPDATED: Walmart says "back-to-school" gun sign is “regrettable situation" but still can't confirm it's gone

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“Here, go put these signs up all over the store around back to school items.”


“End caps and such. Where ever we have back to school items.”

30 minutes later…

“Dude, we should totally put one up by the guns.”

“Naw man, we will get in trouble.”

“Dude, no one even pays attention to these things.”


That kind of sign looks more like a generic advertising campaign sign, like that’s the Walmart slogan for the season, that they just plaster all over the store as a reminder. Some poor minimum wage night shifter put it up without thinking, probably because the top of the gun cabinet was just about the right length. Seems more like oversight than a joke to me.


I know most Wal-Marts look alike, but maybe there is some metadata on the image file that will show where the photo was taken.

I feel like there’s a 90% chance the person who placed the sign is the person who took the picture.


Would be smart to remove this if taken by employee.

Looks like the type of sign that would go with kids superhero t-shirts or backpacks.


Open carry moron’s wetdream.

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The average person doesn’t even know what metadata is.

Possibly, from what I’ve seen the original is from this reddit post, 2 days ago.

If it helps narrow down the search, I’m reasonably certain it isn’t the store here in Vancouver, Canada. Vancouver, Washington, well that’s an open question.

Oh I dunno, bro…never underestimate just how unhappy those people really are.

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Updated - why is “prank” in quotes? Does anyone seriously think Walmart Corp purposefully wanted that sign there? If it did, it would be at ALL the stores, not just one.

Either someone moved it, or some one set it up wrong, either to be funny or because they’re idiots. I am not sure why one would hypothesis about another option. Occam’s Razor and all.

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