Uranus stinks


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Uranus smells like rotten eggs? Doesn’t everyone’s?


Aliens from Earth probe Uranus, say it smells bad.


Nope, not mine. Mine is like attar of roses.


I volunteer my SO to help NASA prepare astronauts for a Uranus landing.



“The first man in Uranus will blaze a trail for many men to come.” (ANONYMOUS NASA EMPLOYEE)


…if you could actually stay a spell and actually breath it all in… :slight_smile:


Aw poops! I was hoping for better than some sh%$#y humor. Hopefully this turd won’t float to the surface of the blog roll.


Uranus stinks

Thank you.


If the atmosphere doesn’t kill us the giant space brain there will…


There’s no humor like humor about Uranus.


HS is a rather simple molecule. Not surprising that it would exist there.

The interstellar medium has other nasty stuff in it, such as carbon monoxide and cyanide. At least that’s what our radio telescopes tell us. The lab where we reconstruct the space molecules (in a vacuum chamber, with a laser for energy input) has signs on the door warning that it’s not a healthy place to be when an experiment is in progress.


I like the “Puns for Pesco” tag, that’s a nice touch.



Unfortunately, I’d booked the place before reading the reviews. It stinks. Would not stay here again.


Wait, there is a joke in the air.


A fun fact is that Venus, Earth, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune all have pretty much the same surface (or atmosphere) gravity.


What’s so fanny about Uranus?