Urbance: angular, science fictional hip-hop-y animation from Canada


Before anyone starts in the “blanime” comments, apparently that term has a different, NSFW connotation.

I like how it looks. I was a big fan of Tron Uprising and since that was cancelled(and is probably now my Firefly) I’ll follow this to see where it goes…


You got Rainbow Brite in my Eon Flux.

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Love the style. It’s got a Jet Set Radio look to it.


“West Side Story” crossed with a Canadian version of “Step Up”

So who’s the blond guy in the pink corset?

A lot of people are excited for this after watching Tron: Uprising. I think the trailer started showing up a little after we heard that Tron and Motorcity were cancelled.

Wow. That looks fantastic. It’s like a mash up of Daft Punk and Aeon Flux, with a sprinkle of Jet Grind Radio.

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Oh that’s a load of bukakke…

I can’t help but wonder if the genesis of this has any relation to Ron Wimberly’s fabulous “Prince of Cats”. Inner-city riff on Romeo and Juliet, check. Angular Japanese cartooning influence, check.

“Sex is prohibited because of a genetic deadly virus.”

What does that mean? Genetic deadly virus is either redundant or nonsense.

I was going to say exactly this. It’s Jet Set, the TV show! And in googling Jet Set (because I couldn’t remember the name of it, OMG that game came out 13 years ago) I found out that somebody released an HD version of the game on XBLA. It’s only 10 bucks, too!

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