Artist and SFX firm create creepy animatronic erotic dancer


I bet you could do that with an arduino board


Whoa. Eros just got a headache and remembered he needed to be somewhere else.


Another cool project of Brent Heyning from @toyshoppe who did power and engineering - also working on many other cool things - check toyshoppe out if in LA


Wow. Really nice natural motion. None of the jerky motion I associate with so many animatronic creations. Though, the choice of an erotic dancer facing a mirror, with pokies no less, is an odd one.



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If you stick a five-dollar bill in her G-string, make sure it’s one with the animatronic version of Lincoln on it.


It’s been postulated that sex drives technology.

The premise makes be a bit uncomfortable, because I’m still an awkward teen in parts of my brain, but its an interesting observation.


Visual art.

Everyone remembers that Arthur C. Clarke predicted the communications satellite. Everyone forgets that he also suggested one of the first major applications for it would be broadcast porn.

I’m not sure whether I find this creepy or not. But that may be because I’ve very aware that I’m riding around in an ape who has his own reactions and opinions despite being fairly well domesticated. It’s less surprising that we react to this than that we can react to a few colors and lines in a sketch or animation.

I understand why they’re operating her off a boom through the mirror, but it would have been a nice additional gag if she could have been suspended marionette-style.


Vanessa, I can explain. What happened was I broke in trying to get to Dr. Evil. Then all of a sudden, the fembots came by, and smoke started to come out of their jumblies. So I thought I’d work my mojo, right? To counter their mojo. We got cross-mojonations, and their heads started exploding.


What’s so creepy about it?

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Someone seems a bit unclear on the concept of pole dancing.


I have the opposite problem


I want this in the music video for a cover version of Tiny Dancer


Why do you call it her?

Ok, I get the mask to avoid that whole uncanny valley thing, but why did it have to be impaled like a fifth grade bug collection?

If it had to be on a stick for support, there’s a much more logical place to insert it. Especially given, you know, what it’s up to.

This thing emerged from the Uncanny ABYSS


“Sex drives technology” is a corollary of Kewney’s Law, named after UK IT journo Guy Kewney. His claim was that no new technology is truly established until it is being used to shift cheap porn: VHS vs betamax, JPG vs GIF, webcams, broadband, the examples are extensive.

Kewney’s Second Law is the VHS vs betamax case, where if one option between two new technologies favours cheap porn, that will be the one that wins out.

Holy cow - get rid of that mask and it’s a dead ringer for Holli Would from Cool World.

More or less same outfit sans gloves ~:40 (enjoy the vintage Moby)