US Air Force offers $5,000 reward for belt of grenades lost in North Dakota

And schools, churches & day care centers, but especially Wal-Mart.

Ah - Burns & Schreiber!

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Luckily the grenades can not be safely used without a proprietary grenade launcher.

The grenades are encumbered with DRM?


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Sure, sure, it wasn’t necessarily the soldiers driving the truck. I could have been the soldiers who were supposed to have loaded it on the truck. Or off loaded it from the truck. (Civilians contracting for the military?)

I’ll even grant you that it’s possible somebody just made a mistake and it was never loaded on the truck. Still, my money is on it being in private hands.

BTW, what kind of idiot sells stolen military hardware on EBay? Sheesh… That’s what gun shows and swap meets are for.

So you are saying an enterprising person couldn’t figure out a way to use them without a launcher? I have confidence in redneck militia gun nuts and am confident that those enterprising types could jury-rig a way to launch them. (Even if the testing process costs them a few fingers or the occasional limb.)

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Eh, they have cops and some times ATF at shows… ebay is mostly anonymous. The problem with things like sights is there is little to differentiate them from “normal” sights. Its only after tracing serial numbers can you figure out they were stolen.

From a “selling them to someone to use them” sort of thing, it isn’t really practical with out a launcher. If this was a rifle or sight or other device more commonly used by “regular” people, and could easily fit in with the sea of “regular” items I would think theft would be more likely. But these items you can’t even use with out drawing attention to yourself, and you don’t have the tools to properly use them in the first place.

And the fact that they clearly catalog and check this stuff in and out during a maneuver means, one would be foolish in thinking they could steal something and not have it discovered missing. Sneaking something out of the supply depot is the way to go. Then it is only discovered during an inventory check. I am still leaning towards it being “lost”. That isn’t to say a local didn’t “find” it.

Could you make a single shot launcher and use one after delinking the grenades? Probably. But you certainly would call attention to yourself using it. Though, I guess ND can get pretty sparse out there… I dunno. I do hope they find them.

Fun fact - the Air Force and Navy still has 8 nukes missing in the ocean and on land somewhere. Sleep tight!

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That’s awsome!

If you want to lose further sleep learn how the financial industry… food production… Sewage disposal… Energy production… scratch that. Learn in detail how anything society depends on working 24/7/365 and you will discover that we have built cities of cards built on neighborhoods of cards built on houses of cards all balanced on the back of a really tall stack of turtles.

We can’t go down any further than that because as we all know it’s… (Anybody? Anybody?)

DRMed grenades. We’re anti-DRM here, right?

I can remember as a kid dissecting shotgun shells and conducting experiments with the primer and powder. Yes, I too am amazed I lived to adulthood despite this and many other stupidly dangerous things I did for entertainment as a child.

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We had this exchange student from Russia in High School. For fun he said they would raid government warehouses that had rocket engines (I assumed he meant model rockets, but in hind sight I am not positive), and they would make home made bombs.

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Dude, I spent a summer ‘vacation’ in the Texas State Hospital and I can assure you that this would be an even worse idea than your joke.

Hopefully they are exercising due caution. UXO can remove your eligibility for five finger discounts extremely quickly if it’s in a bad mood.

When fighting a war on the largest scale you can afford every few generations is a cherished cultural tradition you have to adopt a slightly more casual attitude toward retro munitions.

I hope that somebody has check this base to make sure that they have not lost any thing else like a B52 or a Atomic Bomb or two.

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