US Christian terrorism: the other white meat

I really need to start a militant atheist group to compete with these ass holes.

The Phineas Priesthood, which is misnamed after Phinehas of the Old Testament*, certainly does not “exist” as an organized body with clubhouses, membership lists, pledge drives and such.

But just as any person sincerely repenting their sins and claiming the redemptive intercession of Jesus can validly title themselves a Christian, the title of Phineas Priest may be validly claimed by anyone acting alone to enforce the racial purity of Yahweh’s people by means of murder.

This is kind of the whole point of the Phineas Phantasy - professional racist agitators wishing to avoid any legally actionable connections with murderers invented the Priesthood as an indirect endorsement of any lone wolf serial killers who might want to take up a racist cause. So, as long as any racist murderer claims to be one, the priesthood exists, and is one of the more reprehensible parts of the greater Christian faith.

Of course, Christian Identity nutcases and their ilk are nearly all functionally illiterate, so the irony of their leadership using a Jewish fable to justify the murder of non-whites is generally lost on them.

*if you’re not familiar with the Judeo Christian texts, Numbers 25 is one of the places where Jehovah specifically condones, endorses and rewards racist murder by lone individuals.


From what I’ve read, Mohammed is supposd to gave given an ultimatum to the Byzantine and Persian emperors, to convert or face war. Iesus isn’t. Although people have been using Christianity to justify warfare and other murders for longer than people have practiced Islam.


After that 2010 interview about the Hutaree, nine members were arrested and charged with a variety of terrorism-type crimes, including seditious conspiracy and conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction.

They were acquitted on all terrorism-related charges.

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Let’s not forget that the Oklahoma City Bombing was homegrown white Christian terrorism, most likely planned in Elohim City, most likely with the FBI fully aware of it during the planning.

There are plenty of white Christian terrorist training camps in the USA. Browse around the hate map and I am sure you could find a couple. Or you could probably just look at David Duke’s speaking itinerary.


Don’t worry. If they don’t recognize you from their Mega-church, it’s assumed you’re already a member of one.


Patriotic American Christians have always been enamored with the stink of their own exceptionalism. It is ingrained in their synapses, passed down through each successive generation, mutating along with the changes in the social landscape.

To the American Christian exceptionalist the means has always been irrelevant, morally, to the end. For the end sees America as God’s kindom, perched high upon the hill, where God’s light can shine most spectacularly upon her shores.

Whether conscious or not, I think this exceptionalism is what drives the disparity in moral objection to the deeds of the Christian soldier. They simply are carrying out the dirty work, battling back against the hoard.


Here are the letters. Judge them yourself if these are ultimatums.

From what I can see, they appear to say, “Join us,
or don’t. It’s bad if you don’t, but even if you don’t, know we exist.”

FWIW, Muhammad wouldn’t have sent ultimatums to leaders of empires while he was alive. For one thing, it wouldn’t be practical — the final consolidation of Muslim power in the Arabic Peninsula only occurred at earliest during the reign of Abu Bakar As-Siddiq.


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