US Christian terrorism: the other white meat



And when you wrap all three of those into one violent ideology, you get a pretty lethal combo.


All you have to do to see why this is so is watch Bill O’Reilly. He makes the logical fallacy of No True Scotsman every time someone points this out.


Unfortunately all US news services are required to make money to stay afloat and the outcry if they started badmouthing Christianity would sink any company that made the mistake of trying it. I don’t want my news funded by taxes either because that breeds a whole new set of problems.

Google News is probably the best thing that’s happened to the news in a century, because it makes getting a wide array of interpretations easy.

Google News is probably the best thing that’s happened to the news in a century, because it makes getting a wide array of interpretations easy.

We play both kinds of music here – country and western!


Check Right Wing Watch to see the intensity of the violent rhetoric from the right. Although their absolute numbers are not huge, they have their fingers in law enforcement and all branches of government and media (The “Seven Mountains” strategy of Christian infiltration and conquest).

Now we are entering the era of what will probably be the War Lord Presidency, where billionaires like the Kochs buy elections directly on a national scale. Daddy Koch and other old school Birchers believed in an apocalyptic race war. The Fascist rants about the existential threat of trade unions and school lunches were repacked by Austrian-working-in-the-UK FA Hayek even before Hitler was dead. Genocide is very very much on the minds of the biggest GOP donors, and the base is convinced they need to “do it to them before they do it to us.”

Some of my nice suburban neighbors seem to buy into the religious paranoia lifestyle. One of them decided he “really needed” a Bushmaster a couple years ago. Who does he think he’s going to kill? Me?

There is a real danger of these paranoid religious groups providing the justification for right wing death squads. Who doesn’t think some of Americas ultra-violent Barney Fifes wouldn’t be up for some actual death squad action? We could easily staff several for every medium sized town in America. Lease them office space somewhere in an industrial park or operate out of church basement…


Condemning terrorism isn’t badmouthing Christianity, any more than it’s badmouthing Islam. There is no religion on Earth that condones terrorism, unless you want to count tiny sects like Branch of David or Aum Shinrikyo.


But then again, with google news you still get the bubble that online filter bubble. I dont’ think we can assume that google is a neutral arbiter of information.


Silly Cory. You misunderstand! “Islam” is code for “Foreign!” Ratcheting people up about Islamic terrorism is ratcheting them up politically to oppose things like “not going to war” and “having a sensible immigration policy.”

I mean, we’ve gotta have the people afraid of something.


Christian Jihadists? Christian Crusaders?

There should always be a route into the meme for even the most closed mind.

I guarantee a large swathe of christian terrorists would love to call themselves ‘crusaders’.

Of course, in the sense that the word ‘terrorist’ is applied to muslims, it should also be applied to other humans.


As an atheist, I’d like to see more recognition of Christian terrorism (abortion clinic bombings are generally considered ordinary criminal acts even if conducted by Christian groups, for example), but there is a very good reason why the “Phineas Priesthood” isn’t classified as a terrorist group – it doesn’t exist. The only evidence for its existence is apparently Hoskins’ book which purports to give a secret history of the group, just as earlier books did for the Illuminati, etc. And like the Illuminati, anybody can claim they are a member.


Good point, if you are speaking to reasonable people, but the people likely to be inflamed by comments about christian extremism DO mean to badmouth Islam when they talk about terrorists, or at least make the assumption that peaceful muslims are merely “sleeper cells.” The conflict for them isn’t between fundamentalism/violence and others, it’s between good fundamentalism and bad.


Well said!

My humble corollary:

Fanatics of opposing religions are psychologically more alike than either fanatic is to moderates of his own stripe.


Just out of curiosity, where was the link in the lead paragraph of Cory’s write-up supposed to go?

Barely related, but it was simultaneously funny, sad, and predictable, years ago, when sentiment on No-Fly lists soured when Chicagoans started ending up on the lists, for giving money to Irish “charities”.


When Breivik did his deed we got this:

They started to dance in Finland…
“Freedom of speech must be limited”
“Finns party members are nazies”
“More control”
“Christians are murders”
“New gun law”
tomb stone: Norwegian Tragedy

Denial of christian terrorism and down playing nationalism are everywhere in Europe not just the UK.

BTW Uusi Suomi is online magazine with about 300 000 readers (there are 5.4 million Finns)

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If we get them in one spot, makes it easier to take them out.

But this is in the name of Jesus so it’s okay. Not like that other terrorism that is in the name of Allah, that’s bad. /s

Terrorism is terrorism no matter the faith or color of the person doing it.


The argument I commonly hear is the “jihad” argument, that the Qur’an requires good Muslims to kill infidels, and that no such parallel exists in Christianity. Except all of this is about interpretation-- there are several battles mentioned in the Qur’an, including against infidels, none are referred to as “jihads”, the word literally means “struggle” and a lot of theologians insist that means internal struggle and not all out war against other religions (in fact the Qur’an also dictates respect and tolerance towards “people of the book” meaning other faiths with revealed scripture, specifically Jews and Christians.)

But you can interpret scripture any way you want, and justify your actions accordingly. Groups like the Phineas Priesthood are doing just that with the Bible.


Wow. Please remind these people to read their bibles. :wink: