US governmental conservationists really hope that young endangered seals will stop getting eels stuck in their nostrils


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Yeah, uh, those eels are zombies.


Ever since Bubbles couldn’t live down the teasing, they are all just too embarrassed to pick them out of their own noses. “It was a scratch!”


Teenagers are just stupid. I am on my 4th, and yes, I can testify.


Never tell juvenile seals jokes during dinner.


Well, it isn’t the weirdest thing juvenile mammals have done for kicks.


hey fellow seal dude, snort this eel and you are not gonna believe what happens next!


Check the eels for psychoactive substances. It looks to me like the seals are snorting the eels to get high.



I have an eel in the nose on my face - Seal (Kiss from an eel)


Kotick’s got nose candy. Betcha the eel mucus is seal psychoactive. Because that seal looks high as fuck


This has got to be better than monk seals eating tide pods though, right?


Same seals were seen hanging around in Tide Pods whenever the water goes out.

These teen seals are the rejects that never stood a chance of making Team 6, now they’ve turned to a life of eels.


“Yo, bro, you don’t eel?”

“He’s too afraid to eel, brah.”

“No I’m not. I can eel. I eeled at my cousins in the summer.”

“Prove it, bro.”

“Yeah, brah. Eel up!”

“Eel!” “Eel!” “Eel!” “Eel!” “Eel!” “Eel!”


“OH GOD! I’VE MADE A HORRIBLE MISTAKE! What do I do? Do I take it out, or leave it in? Take it out or leave it in?”




See, this is what hovercrafts are for.


that picture of the seal is hilarious. he looks to be enjoying himself


“If Eels in the ear is like Novocaine for the Soul, eel in the nose must be truly universe-expanding.”


Whatever. They need to get off my lawn.


And countdown to human teenagers learning from this, replacing tide pods with eels in the nose.


Many questions: Do you have to chase a seal with an eel flopping out of the nose? Do you have to anesthetize the seal? Hold them down? Can you just walk up to them and pull an eel out of their nose? Do you gain a seal friend for life?

I really wanted to see a video of someone pulling it out of the seal’s nose.