The Seal of Approval


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This article not only packs in maximum cuteness, but also provides an opportunity to reduce, reuse, recycle this headline if one of England’s naval allies unexpectedly decides to set up an impenetrable blockade around its major ports. Efficiency!


. . . . of course they’re friendly, they’re Selkies


Came for the Selkie reference, leaving satisfied.

Nicely edited video, I use a goPro and capture Gb of video data on trips like this but always hit a brick wall when attempting to edit highlights into something succinct.

I do love diving with Seals though and can recommend Lundy Island, The Isles of Scilly and Scapa Flow in order of preference based on personal interaction. Will look to add Fern Islands for this season though.

That is maximum cute, they are like underwater cats.

A question for those more knowledgeable in such things: They seem to be touching their noses to things they are investigating. I understand this behaviour in cats, they want to smell the object to identify and familiarise with it since their sense of smell is the strongest of their senses. I was under the impression that seals blocked their nostrils under water to avoid drowning. So why the nose touching? Is it something to do with their whiskers?

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