US politicians, ranked by their willingness to lie

Perhaps we should call it “Obi-Wan Truth.”

Luke: Obi-Wan! Why didn’t you tell me? You told me Vader betrayed and murdered my father.
Obi-Wan: Your father was seduced by the dark side of the Force. He ceased to be Anakin Skywalker and became Darth Vader. When that happened, the good man who was your father was destroyed. So what I told you was true, from a certain point of view.


But some of what they call “half-true” is more like “basically true but someone could be mislead by it if they interpreted it a certain way.” I like politifact to some extent, but sometimes I feel like they do engage in a bit of the “false equivalence.”


If they included all references that climate change wasn’t real, the U.S. is founded on evangelical protestant Christianity, people of color are inferior to whites, etc. then wouldn’t all the Republican candidates have light to dark purple bars on the chart?



She’s not running, but I’d love to see where Elizabeth Warren falls on this chart.

I’m guessing if anyone tried to put her on it, she’d fall off it, right through the bottom.


The thing about conspiracy theories is that they continue to arise because, once in a long while, it turns out there actually was a conspiracy.

I’m guessing you’re not good at guessing.

I went to their site and checked her out. They don’t have many statements on file from her, but they’re all half-true or mostly-true. And one of the half-true ones is pretty obviously not able to be verified at this time.


Well then, I guess you’ve made the point you apparently intended to make, that “she too is a scoundrel”?


Bill Clinton was my go to example of a politician who would lie about everything and anything when he didn’t even have to - he’d just make up some heartwarming story of how he met someone who blah blah supported whatever he was pushing. And it’d be untrue. But he could have found such a person with only a little bit of looking, but he was just too lazy, and he usually got away with it, so no incentive to change.

So it’s instructive to see that he’s fairly respectable by comparison in 2015.


Wait… if that was true, who threw the Emperor down the elevator shaft?

Interesting that Cheney and Bill Clinton are on the list, but George W. Bush is not.

A bunch of Ewoks in a Darth Vader suit.


Interesting question that raises - I don’t think Dubya ever knowingly lied, even though he was totally full of shit. It was all Cheney and Rumsfeld and his other handlers feeding him – but he seemed 100% sincere. But he had some of the dooziest of doozies after 9/11.

It seems likely to me that the top rated liars probably believe most of what they say.

Well, Interesting. But this is not a chart about candidates relative voracity, this is simply an expression of political position – most conservative at the top, most liberal at the bottom. Now, who is really lying here?? I think the idiot who concocted this charade. Example? Hillary Clinton has lied about just about everything since Whitewater, and her mysterious commodities genius where she “earned” several hundred thousand dollars on a $10K investment in just a few weeks. Genius. Benghazi? Really. This was all about selling Russian weapons captured in Libya to ISIS anti-Assad fighters in Syria – funds funneled through Qatar, and weapons through Turkey until they stopped it. Do you think the CIA guys just happened to be there? Or it was an coincidence that Amb. Stevens was meeting with Turkey foreign minister an hour before the attack? DO YOU PEOPLE EVER READ? Rich Barno - Harvard University/MIT



That part about Trump and his !%^@ about watching “thousands” celebrate 9/11 is chilling. Not because of his statement. Yes, all the news about him saying that was about the rebuttals. The chilling part is, that won’t matter. Trump’s statement has been thoroughly debunked - and that will not matter. There are too damn many people who will believe him anyway. Too damn many will support him even if they do think he flat-out lied. The chilling thing is there are so many Americans who are either so stupid, so fanatic, so dogmatic, or so blind, they will still follow that idiotic lout because they identify with him. They identify so strongly with an arrogant, ill mannered, self-centered, self-righteous, selfish, racist hate monger who doesn’t give a tinker’s damn about the truth, who cares about nothing but getting what he wants and he doesn’t give a crap what happens to anyone else, that they will willingly swallow every turd out of his mouth. And that is terrifying.

Looks pretty optimistic to me.

Sanders: likely mistaken about some things, but not deliberately lying to us.

Clinton: Even when it’s not technically a lie, you can be sure that almost everything that she says is intended to deceive you.

Anyone* on the Republican ticket: If they said that the sun rose this morning, I’d want to double-check just to make sure.

*except Rand Paul. Crazy though he may be, he at least strikes me as honest.