US Representative Katie Porter (D-CA) supports impeachment

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If you haven’t viewed the following piece by John Oliver on impeaching trump you should watch it.

Give Nancy a call: (202) 225-4965


The question in regard to impeachment should be a matter of “when” rather than “if” at this point for liberal and progressive politicians. That DNC establishment types are still dithering about the necessity of impeachment is symptomatic of how out-of-touch and lacking in leadership ability they are. It doesn’t bode well for 2020.


She seems to be afraid of the “well, if it goes no where people will say I failed” thing.

No Nancy, you do your job and let others fail at theirs (The Senate).


I think that she is more afraid of trump not going away. Impeachment will just fatten him up before the election. She knows his followers will eat it up.


Let’s be clear…ANYTHING will fatten them up and get them frothing. The positive aspect to impeachment proceedings in my estimation is it makes public all the shit he’s guilty of. As a result it is the swing voters who will get a real clear picture of things and won’t be able to hide behind that false equivalency they did with Nostradumbass vs Clinton “Oh, lesser of two evils” - bullshit.




Impeachment and conviction should be a foregone conclusion, but unfortunately, politics gets in the way, as it did with Johnson, who was equally deserving of removal.


It still boggles my mind how trips to Mar-a-Lago don’t fall exactly into the definition of emoluments clause violations, which should have had him impeached in his first year.

But we’d have to get rid of Pence too, and then it’s President Pelosi. Not ideal, but not rancid either.


Trips by whom?

If you’re talking about foreign nationals spending money there, then yes, that’s emoluments.

If you’re talking about Trump going to Mar-a-Lago, then that’s not emoluments, it’s self-dealing. Still corruption, but a different flavor.

Remember that President Biff and his criminal organization/family have so many flavors of corruption that they make Baskin-Robins look like amateurs.


I think it is actually. My sense of this is that Nancy is playing the “wait and see” gambit to allow the various investigating committees to subpoena more and more witnesses and evidence that can be used in an impeachment inquiry while also delaying any impeachment proceedings to the end of the year or early 2020 to ensure that it remains the #1 topic of discussion during the election. She knows impeachment has zero chance of removal in the senate but this will help darken both presidential and senate GOP campaigns and keep the conversation on corruption. From what I’ve seen of her skill as speaker, this is the only conclusion I can draw at this point.


Popular sentiment for impeachment just crossed the 50% threshold. That means it’s WAY ahead of the popular support for impeachment of Nixon prior to the proceedings.

It’s time, already.


Yes, that was what I was talking about.

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