User ignore feature now in beta


Some people really don’t handle rejection well.


OH!! I thought you were inviting us for rabbit stew. My bad. :grin:


Oh the poor bunnies!

I need to watch that movie again, it’s been a long while.


It is a good flick.

Just to stay on topic. I only ignore one person on here. But I’m glad the feature is active regardless.




It will make less work for the mods when someone asks for disengagement, and the other party refuses to respect the former’s boundaries.

Any novelty of the ‘WTF’ he brought wasn’t even remotely worth the level of perpetual derailment, all the constant attention-seeking and his complete lack of respect not only for the rest of the community, but for the universally recognized definitions of words and phrases.


Aha thanks yeah I don’t have anyone on mute. I just like the idea my posts are a bit more ephemeral.

(Though feel free to shoot a pm if it crosses from weird/crass to mean)


They can still be searched for, though. Just not as conveniently. It’s not quite contributing to an open source project, but once we comment, our comments become part of the structure of the thread, for good or for ill.

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Current thinking is that the max allowed Ignore duration will be 4 months, after that it auto-clears and you’ll need to explicitly renew the Ignore for it to keep going. No change to Mutes, those will have unlimited time duration, as before.

Totally legit concern, so we are making Ignore a trust level 2 ability that you must earn by achieving TL2. Mute is also being moved to a TL1 ability. Details on trust levels.


Is this gonna be, like, an actual thing that happens on the regular? I’d wait and see a bit before pulling the trigger on anything like this. We need to live with the feature for at least a month to see how it’s gonna work.


One thing it doesn’t work on is quotes. If someone you haven’t ignored quotes someone you have, you can see it. This may include the types of comments that you ignored the user for in the first place.


Maybe make it possible to flag the post of an ignored user?

Unfortunatelty if the post doesn’t violate community guidelines, it’d probably break discussions pretty bad to just memory hole anything referencing a post by that user. Especially since the boards nudge us to quote multiple people in one post instead of many separate replies. From an engineering standpoint it might be a PITA to strip out just the ignored user’s post and text replying only to that user, not commenting on the next post.

(Another alternative might be to make quotes of an ignored user spoilered)


I brought this up earlier and I believe it’s on the roadmap at this point for a future beta iteration.

The point of ignoring a user is that folks don’t want to see posts by that individual. Allowing quotes doesn’t work in that model. Worse, showing replies likely creates the incentive to “talk around” the original poster by responding to responses only, which is often identified as a derailing tactic in and of itself in other contexts.


The way Twitter handles this is you see the person retweeting with comment, but the quoted tweet shows as “unavailable”. We should be able to do that, I think, but it’s more of a V2 thing once we get V1 nice and stable.

Changes to mod policy re: Ignore feature

What are the actual ramifications of being ignore-mobbed? I assume mod(s) would be notified, and would maybe pay more attention to you, but I didn’t read any suggestion of procedurally sewn scarlet letters or auto-banning, so why would I care?

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I think it would only matter if the mods used the ignore flags as a reason to disciple discipline a member. With enough people it would act like a shadow ban, but, man, that would take a really big conspiracy to pull off.

One might equally wonder if the mods will pay attention to people who use the ignore command more often than everybody else. It could mean that person is unfairly harassed by a lot of people, or that they are very quick to be annoyed. But if they use the ignore feature to remove the possibility of seeing content that will annoy them, that seems like a good thing and an upgrade from the current practice where people send PMs demanding no “engagement”, which everyone then has to keep in their heads with no mechanism to automate it.


Can we earn badges?!? :smiley:


If I was in charge, I’d totally do that for increased entertainment value.

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