Using DALL-E to make images of Muppets in Mad Max

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Eyeballs, shiny and chrome. Witness them!


I thought the only appropriate response was:


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I spent my 4th of July weekend playing around with Midjourney, which is basically a Dall-E clone. What impresses me is how well it works making things in a certain style, whether it be an entire art style, like impressionism, or more specifically a style of an individual artist. I’m kind of concerned about the future for people who make a living as an illustrator/artist, .I’m pretty confident that I could illustrate an entire children’s book now without much effort.

Edited to add pic:

Glenn Danzig sitting on park bench on a busy sidewalk in New York City


They seem much too crisp. Most of the DALL-E images I’ve seen or created are very blobby


I’m apparently not leveraging my access to DALL-E 2 for enough internet clout. Didn’t realize that “having access and experimenting” was BoingBoing front page worthy stuff.

Anywho, I’ll share this Kermit I prompted for a few weeks back
(no knowledge of the Reddit prompt; a lot of us nerds are just thinking the same things)

@NukeML DALL-E 2 generates much, much higher quality images. Shockingly good at times, but also still generates blobby nightmare fuel at other times. I find prompts that rely heavily on textures and light to come out very well. Here’s what it generates from “a black painted, slightly scratched, steel orb flying above the rocky ground. moss and a small, shallow pool of rainwater can be seen behind the orb.”

Here’s “a photograph of a grey cat on a wooden chessboard. the cat is looking up at the camera. warm lighting”


Soon it will be embbeded in each and every camera. Goodbye bad photos.

It’s interesting that most of the aesthetic seems to be old Mad Max (1/2) but those eyeballs very definitely shoot for Fury Road.

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Ah, DALL-E 2 vs regular DALL-E. Therein lies the difference

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