Using science to fine-tune your fake blood recipe

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Fake blood – also known as “moulage” – is also an essential part of realistic emergency training.

I’ve spilled a lot of the stuff doing accident simulations.

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Pen and Teller have a wonderful recipe for a heart-shaped Red Velvet cake with a concealed reservoir of fake blood…

Jello. I still have my copy of How To Play With Your Food.

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When I worked in theater, we used cheap, oily peanut butter for thickener and to make it more opaque. It also made it stickier so it stayed where we put it. I guess today, with the peanut allergy thing, that might not be a good idea anymore.

Damn PC culture, sheltering the little snowflakes from anaphylactic shock and death. People were allergic back then too - we just figured it was their own damn fault.

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In one sense it was: we kept them too sheltered. The so-called “hygiene hypothesis” keeps looking better every year, and the official advice now has changed from the older “no peanuts for the first N years” to “peanut butter as early as tolerated.”

Which is not really blaming the parents. We did the best we knew at the time.

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