Little girl not entirely sure why she covered baby brother in peanut butter


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She had a step 2 in mind, she just couldn’t bring herself to go through with it.


Later on that little guy will find himself in another sticky situation, he’ll remember how everyone kept their cool in this one, and he will prevail!


Most tolerant mother of the year award right there. Wow.


Kind of like human spontaneous combustion.


I had my pair of twins do this with a 2kg bucket at about 2 y/o.
I scrub them clean, hair and all, then went back to work in the home office.
My wife came home and wondered why I had left her a mess in the kitchen, until she heard what I had cleaned up.
Nothing good comes from manic ha ha-ha ha-ha, only thing worse is silence.
Also repeated with 10kg pack of flour, a 1l jug of honey, and a big 4lb bag of Ghirardelli cocoa.


Is this how kids get peanut allergies?


Why? “Because it was funny!”


Funny as hell.
It put me in mind of this;


I call BS. Two kids on the kitchen table with an open jar of peanut butter? How long were they alone? Nah… Maybe a continuation of some antics. If they were on the table long enough for this: BAD MOMMY!


Maybe she just happened to get a glance at this one day, and it gave her ideas.

But nah, that would make too much sense.


Much as with a mountain, ‘because it was there’.


Perhaps it’s because she also has that colorblindness thing where she thinks peanut butter is green – and she wanted a green baby brother. Heh Heh

  1. It doesn’t have to take that long – mom may have been using the toilet, for instance.

  2. The rest of the room looks clean, the kids look well-fed and happy, and the mother chose to video the results instead of, say, grabbing one of dad’s belts and whipping the crap out of the kids.

I’d say instead of a “bad mommy”, she’s being downright exemplary.


So they are old enough to be embarrassed by this now! 14 years old and your 3 year old antics go viral…


Whatever you do will follow you through life.

Sometimes with picket signs and a loud, out-of-tune brass band.


More like, this is how kids DON’T get peanut allergies. Parents who don’t try to raise their kids in antiseptic bubbles, have kids that aren’t allergic to everything under the sun. Plus the sun.


Set for 350 and wait just 15 minutes…


More like a good way to check if they have allergies…although potentially a single use method.


The gif is kinda creepin’ me out. It’s like something from my nightmares.