USPS is being sued for not giving a damn that one of its mailmen was a pervert


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I have an ambiguous relationship with the notion of honor. And when I was a teenager, l shunned the notion of solidarity, because it sounded loaded to me. Stupid. Especially when presented as a notion to consider above and beyond general principles of justice. I’m not sure what I was getting at. Stay tuned.


I wonder if we are hitting a tipping point on sexual assault cases.

I think previous to now, these assholes could assault folks, and the gender politics worked in their favor to sweep it under the rug. Now, there is a lot of focus on the injustice of it all. Culturally we are accepting the this less.

I mean, I’d never have thought the open gun carry guys would protect Brock Turner? That was a bit mind boggling to me. Yay?


Our area has endured a USPS lifer burnout for some time now, after years of complaints they moved this individual to a cushy desk job and a handsome raise. One would have thought with video footage of them dumping undelivered mail in the creek they’d have terminated, but not at the USPS, you get a raise…


Neither rain nor snow, eh. That’s really awful.


it may be that it depends, as many things do, with who you know. at our post office an employee who did something similar with multiple tubs of ubbm (undeliverable bulk business mail) not only lost his job but also went to federal prison for 5 years. my wife worked in the post office with him. he was supposed to verify the undeliverable status and then ship it back to the regional processing center and thought dumping it in a dumpster belonging to another business seemed easier. he was a fairly new substitute supervisor with little time on the job and even fewer contacts to bail him out of trouble.


I also find that contacting your congressperson is far more effective than contacting the local postmaster. Also, anytime the Inspector General gets involved, it’s bad news for someone.


at my wife’s post office there are sound-proofed tunnels with various mirrored windows running through the ceiling in all the areas where employees might be so inspectors can observe in person.


This makes it even more unnerving that a guy I met at a local coffee shop who worked at the post office would write personal notes on my mail.

I considered reporting it but, well, he knew where I lived.


That is fine unless the inspectors are the problem. The USPS is a problem especially in small towns.


You don’t want your mailman to be too “handy”.


around here, population around 30,000, the biggest problem has been supervisors. there was one here who was using postal credit cards to get rooms so he could have an affair with another employee, another pair of supervisors would go out in postal cars to meet out in the country for sex. come to think of it, most of the problems have been around misuse of postal resources so supervisors could have sex. the only other incident i could think of was a counter clerk who had ptsd from his time in vietnam who ended up in a shouting match with an older man who had managed to hit on one of his hot buttons. he ended up going through mandated counseling and left on disability.


Inspectors work for the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), not the USPS. They are the people who go before a federal grand jury and work with Assistant U.S.Attorneys to seek indictments based upon their investigation. They don’t supervise the U.S. postal workers or their supervisors or local postmaster.

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Shoulda known something was up…dude always rang twice…always…


I can see how that might be the case.


Completely normal.


USPS probably not to blame. This is the sort of deal their union demands. Try getting a bad cop fired and see where that gets you. Same deal.


Not really. The union will go to bat over termination without cause, for example. But if the supervisors had turned the complaints over to the police, that takes them out of the loop. I think.


It his hard to get fired from a Fed government job, it seems. Friend works for the USPS and is one of the Union leaders. Guess one of the guys bought a new car on company credit card. Still has a job, just has his pay garnished.

Ex works for the Dept. of Labor. Had a known sexual predator for 3 or 4 years at work, and he had one year paid leave while they worked on firing him finally.


USPS are employees of a government owned corporation with its own set of rules rather than direct hires, so whatever stereotypes one associates with Federal employees don’t really apply.