UT Austin has one of the world's largest collections of human brains in jars

Well I for one hope their research will show us how to use them.


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A hundred seems a very small number. Did anyone actually do any research? Or just, U! S! A! which seems all that was considered necessary in most cases. I guess if Stalin or Mao got round to being interested in such things they would be orders of magnitude larger, but the collections would probably be gone by now. Although, on reflection, it’s brain surgeons, research is their thing, so maybe my cynicism is unwarranted.

A hundred does sound like a small number, maybe the headline is misleading? It’s not one of the world’s largest collections of human brains, it’s one of the largest collections of preserved abnormal human brains.

A brain collection story from my part of the world: In 2017 the regional council decided to destroy the Aarhus collection of 9,479 brains from psychiatric patients who never received modern medical treatment.

Researchers around the world protested the decision and the collection is now in Odense.

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