Utah elementary student wore a Nazi costume to school parade

JFC! It’s not enough to be unalloyed assholes to the rest of the world, now these shitheads need to drag their kids into it?

I feel sick to my stomach for this little guy that he’s got parents or guardians so vile that they’d use him as a billboard for their hate.


Isn’t the principal just the one who signs the paper?
I don’t think it is the principal who is patrolling the hallways, but despite they still having some power to issue or not the suspension, they work more as a figurehead for the school.
The alternative, having the teacher or work to sign the suspension, looks worse for everyone.

This sounds extremely wrong.
It makes it looks like they are responsible for anything that might go wrong in the school.
Go a little further, and the only option that they have is to monitor the students all the time using invasive technologies to prevent any wrongdoing.

When is Cartman finally going to get kicked out of school for his antics (jinx, @Otherbrother)?


I am guessing you don’t have kids and/or have never working in a school system. I can confirm…the Principal is absolutely responsible for all those things and more…and rightfully so.

Allowing this kid to walk into the school ultimately is on the Principal.

Working as intended.


I am reminded of the beginning of the film “Liberty Heights” where a kid is forbidden from trick or treating as a Nazi. He was unhappy because Halloween is SUPPOSED to be scary.

True, but it’s the lethal antisemitism that really defines their brand.


True. They would probably also ban a Charles Manson costume. Like Hitler (and Jesus too, I guess), he didn’t personally kill people but his followers sure as hell did.


Well, no.

I am so stealing that line for use on other boards. Hilarious and brilliant.


I am not sure, I should bring it up … but … that swastika is the wrong way around.


Well, yes.


First, the Alien & Sedition Acts weren’t about “hate speech,” they essentially limited criticism of the government. Second, while they were mostly repealed before any SC could review them, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who thinks that they wouldn’t have been found unconsitutional.

Caselaw has been pretty consistent for a good century now: there is no exception in the First Amendment for “hate speech.”

Speech in schools is absolutely limited, and I can’t imagine that any reasonable person would argue with that.

Schools have a responsibility to teach all students. We have a responsibility to make sure that school is safe for all students. We limit ALL sorts of speech to make sure that happens. We disallow T-shirts with offensive messages, and don’t allow art that depicts violence or weapons. The list is long.

At my school we don’t allow costumes on Halloween because it is disruptive, many community members do not observe Halloween, and because it saves on arguing about appropriateness.


Next, Christmas!

(Banning the holiday feels like it’s missing the point. It’s like teaching abstinence instead of critical thinking, ethics, and social skills.)


Some years back I got some email from the Okanagan Nation Alliance. I’d subscribed to get their newsletter, but that stopped.

It was December, the subject said Happy Holidays. Inside a photo, that included a banner that said “Xast Sputo”.

I did a search, it meant Merry Christmas. One of the few Syilx words I know, my great, great, great grandmother’s language.


I bet the last tweet was something like, “Why are people getting mad at me for doing the racist things I did?”


As someone who grew up in Germany, as someone whose grandparents quite definetly were NaIs, as someone who has Jewish friends, and as well as someone who doesn’t give a single fuck about the crazy shithead US American perversion of free speech, I full-heartedly say: being a Nazi is illegal in many countries, and rightly so.
It’s like wearing a sign like you suggested. But it says “Kick me, society. And kick me in particular, judiciary.”

Being a Nazi basically says “fuck you, society, and fuck you, rule of law”. Dressing as one says “yo, I dig that attitude”. Exceptions might be covered by the freedom of art. Not by the freedom of speech, since no form of discussion is possible with those who want to destroy freedom, and society.

Been there.
Made a promise: NEVER AGAIN.

ETA: not directed at you, Melz. Written because IT FUCKING NEEDS TO BE SAID EVERY FUCKIN TIME, till the end of time.

Fuck. Nazis.
Yeah, and fuck cancer. Same thing.


They still want to. The original Nazis are dying off, but they kept their hate alive for future generations.