Utah Republican Karianne Lisonbee explains how women can control their semen intake to avoid pregnancy

Originally published at: Utah Republican Karianne Lisonbee explains how women can control their semen intake to avoid pregnancy | Boing Boing


“So you are saying that you fully support the right to receive an abortion for anyone who becomes pregant due to rape, incest, or when their choice of birth control fails? Great news!” /s

But seriously, the press should get her to clarify her position on the actual policy, not just sit there unchallenged playing both sides.


So she thinks condoms and birth control are 100% effective?





So, she’s blaming women who get raped. Outstanding.

Fuck off lady.




This is what you get when you don’t let your kids take sex education in school.

(Granted, most of these adult folks had sex education in school, but got by on their whiteness.)


@ Utah Republican Karianne Lisonbee


Yes, and I here it is very easy to get a rape conviction in the US…


Is she related to Todd Akin?


Since friday i have found in my unscientific survey that our female conservative politicians have made an equal amount of idiotic, uninformed, uneducated, inflammatory and just out-there statements as the male conservative politicians that we expect these remarks from. for some stupid reason i expected better. don’t ask what that’s based on.


Ah…so she’s talking about the Shirley Exception for rape. Makes perfect sense.


That’s A LOT of “Ewwwwwwwwww” to unpack and convert into sarcasm!


Aren’t Bene Gesserit capable of that? Of course, she would want them burned as witches /s


This feels similar to really bad diet advice.

Just control your semen intake and you won’t get pregnant!
Just control your reduce calorie intake to zero and you’ll lose weight!


“Please pretend I didn’t say what I said yesterday, which was hateful, dumb bullshit. Please read my full, subsequent statement, which is also bullshit.”

Or, perhaps worse, she was pretending rape - and contraceptive failure, and medical emergencies - don’t even exist.

Or even get the police to accept the report in the first place.


That would certainly be one way for her to control her semen intake.


Did these guys skip classes in High School?


When I was young I got so incensed whenever anyone said " Don’t have sex until you are ready to possibly have kids." The inbuilt assumption that everyone will want kids by their mid twenties or so.

I knew even then that I didn’t ever want kids. I was never going to be “ready” to do something I never wanted to do.

If I took this seriously I was being told to never ever have sex, my entire life, or at least not until after menopause. Of course what it really means is that woman are not allowed to choose to forgo reproduction. Just expected to reproduce “responsibly”. Again with an inbuilt assumption that a stable, financially secure marriage is both wanted and achievable by all.

My grandmother in particular told me not to have sex until marriage but also not to get married until graduating from college to avoid wasting my “potential.”

They have to know that abstaining is never really a live option for most people. It’s that insidious drive to make everyone guilty so anyone can be punished at any point. I was about 10 when I came to the conclusion that the sexual restrictions in the Catholic Church were there because they needed it to be true that no one was without sin but the other sins were all so easy to avoid. Other sins actually involved being a bad person but sexual sins just involved being a sexual person, which most people are at some point.

I almost never had anything to confess during Reconciliation as a kid because I was very well behaved and I wasn’t going to either stop masturbating or agree that there was anything wrong with it. It’s a big reason I broke with the church as a pre-teen.

I have thankfully never needed an abortion but since hitting puberty the option has always felt like a safety net between me and the void. I wouldn’t know how to exist if the option didn’t exist. This issue hits me on the level of existential horror.

I love kids, even happy to help my friends or partners take care of them to a limited degree, but I absolutely refuse to create any new ones.

And now I’m middle aged with a couple of chronic conditions so no one in the medical industry or insurance wants me to get pregnant anyway.

Too many people also like to pretend like women over 40 don’t have sex anymore. No one sick or disabled has sex etc. Inconvenient people aren’t real… or when they say the quiet part out loud they would prefer it if we just died anyway.


The sad thing is, when Akin made that inane comment in 2012, it literally cost him the election and kept Claire McCaskill in the Senate. Today, saying stupid shit like that seems to actually get you more votes.