Uvalde suspends elementary school principal in latest effort to find a scapegoat for police inaction during massacre

Only if you lock the doors from the inside. Locking them from the outside is a standard best practice for every school in the country.

Schools cannot be prisons and still educate kids. Making that your point of emphasis misplaces responsibility for the mass shooting and deflects from the overall problem of firearm availability and the specific culpability of the Uvalde police.

Moreover, you are blaming one of the victims, here. The principal definitely knew the teachers killed and probably knew most of the students who were murdered.


Also, some job descriptions:

A Principal, or Public School Principal, oversees the daily activities and operations within a school . Their main duties include disciplining or advising students, approving Teachers’ curriculums and ensuring the school environment is safe for all students and staff members.

A Police Officer is a first responder who is responsible for law enforcement and public safety . They provide emergency services by responding to calls and investigating crimes. They patrol areas to detect and prevent crime and are expected to write incident reports.

But, sure, the principal is the one to blame here, while the town hasn’t yet taken any action on the officers. :woman_shrugging:t2:


What Duke said.

You’re glibly placing blame on someone who had the least amount of control during that horrific tragedy.

I don’t agree with anything you’ve posted here, and I grow weary of talking in circles pointlessly when you are clearly determined that your POV is ‘the correct one’ no matter what valid points that anyone else makes.

Good day.


In a normal country leaving a door unlocked would mean what, that someone might steal some office supplies? How downright horrible to treat something something so trivial as smearing the principal with the blood of 21 people, especially someone who must already be suffering from what happened.

It’s god damn unfair to make school administrators responsible for fending off military attacks in the first place, let alone to insist they do so with perfect precision, and that would be even if we didn’t have a case of several hundred police officers who simply couldn’t be bothered.


The shooter would have just shot out the glass in the door and walked in - shot out the lock - or shot through the walls or windows- which wouldn’t have stopped a military grade weapon.


And they’d STILL find a way to blame the principal, too.


If I may quote from the Texas House interim report:

You will note the best that the author can say is that had doors been locked, it might have provided “a few precious minutes”.

The irony that they state it might have offered police “more opportunity to engage and stop the attacker before he could massacre 19 students and two teachers” when the police themselves chose to squander far more than “a few precious minutes” should not need pointing out and yet…


You know what the principal actually deserves from this? Not to keep working. She deserves to be retired, with a generous pension to live off for the rest of her life if she chooses, as well as free counselling. So does every teacher who was there that day, for having been through more than ought ever have been expected of them. That still leaves children and parents but it would be a start.

And maybe if these tragedies started costing money instead of just lives like that, some heartless bureaucrats would make an effort to do something about them, instead of cops putting on a big show for budget purposes and then deciding they don’t really care.


I was thinking the same thing. He would have entered through the office. (Whenever we had our lockdown drills, I was always thinking about the office receptionist who would be the first casualty. :pleading_face:)



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If I had triple locks on my door with a steel frame, a Ring camera, and an alarm system…it still doesn’t fall upon me for being burglarized. It’s the criminal who broke in. :man_shrugging:


What makes you so sure? The Sandy Hook shooter, who still holds the record for largest body count of any school shooting, shot his way through a locked front entrance in a matter of seconds.

Edit to add: I just checked with Google street view and that school appears to have a large number of ground-level glass windows, including some full-height ones directly adjacent to doors, so smashing it and reaching through to the doorknob would probably be even faster than entering with a key. They do not appear to be wire lined glass. Keeping the door locked to protect against armed intruders in this kind of facility is basically security theater.

Even a “totally secure” school facility needs to let kids enter in the morning and leave in the afternoon, so unless you’re staggering arrivals and departures there will always be large groups of kids gathered in a vulnerable area. They are inherently soft targets, and always will be as long as they remain schools rather than some kind of dystopian fortress.


So, you don’t think the shooter would have just rang the doorbell with ‘I have some important information for the principal and/or I have a pizza here’ and then shot whoever walked over to open the door point blank, and proceeded exactly as they had?


I have never been inside a school where the doors were locked during school hours. This should not be a thing. Period.


Well, if you can be convicted of murder when a cop shoots another cop and you weren’t even there… i say go for it.

The problem apparently was that, of those 376, so many were “bad guys with a gun” that a overwhelming number of “good guys with a gun” had to stick around and watch them, with the end result there was not a “good guy with a gun” to spare.


Edit: I hadn’t read this example of fuckwitery, when I posted, so just to add…
“ Only if you lock the doors from the inside. Locking them from the outside is a standard best practice for every school in the country.”
Please, tell me what you think might happen in an incident like this where a whole bunch of kids and their teachers make a break for safety, only to find the doors locked…
Keep digging, son, at this rate you’ll be in Australia in no time…

I’m going to bed, I really can’t carry on reading any more desperate attempts to justify an increasingly unjustifiable position.
‘Night all.


You lack imagination; surely we can go straight to the source and charge each dead kid with suicide besmirchment of the good name of law enforcement. If they hadn’t gone and gotten shot the incompetence wouldn’t have been nearly so visible; so the visible incompetence must be their fault.

the principal, who is currently on paid leave, would dispute your characterization of the security atmosphere as well as disputing your description of the facts on the ground, but by all means, make up shit about the situation if it allows you to continue to be indifferent to the deaths of 21 people.