Vanity Fair: Trump's children wish he would stop manic-tweeting

Unfortunately, Melania seems to be just as black-hearted as a natural-born trump. At least the other two wives actually resembled humans.

Honestly, if I’m wrong about that and Ivana and Marla are heinous, I don’t want to know. I don’t think I need to, so I’m happy to remain in ignorance.


“Villains!” they shrieked, “dissemble no more! We admit the deed! --tear up the planks! here, here! --It is the tweeting of his hideous heart!”


Though in this case I actually think they were treating Fred well. Its better than putting him in a nursing home.


I can hear the thoughts in her head if their diagnoses got read to them together.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! The garbage piece of shit next to me was supposed to get this and croak, not me. Now even if he does bite it, I’ll have other health issues my whole life while enjoying my hard-earned inheritance. I didn’t waste the best years of my life on some ignorant, crass, womanizing baboon for nothing! Gold digging can be just as hard as regular dirt digging!”.


I imagine he would have met nicer people in a nursing home.


What inheritance?


:rofl: Zing!



She doesn’t strike me as all that bright so maybe she’s buying into the billionaire bravado, too? Maybe there’s a untouchable trust setup in Baron’s name, but the pre-nup gives custody to the dad?

I have no idea what is going on behind that vapid cold stare other than complete disgust with her husband.


I’m gonna blow the bullshit whistle on this one. Don Jr. has never been a voice of reason.


Hopefully what ever deal they worked out she got paid up front…

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Well yeah. The thought process has to be “The old man has to stop ruining his chances of being re-elected! I mean, we don’t want to go to jail. Also, he’s ruining any chance we’ll get to ride this gravy train for another 4 years…”



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I wonder how much insurance the kids and the Trump Org have taken out on Donnie?


Enough to cover Russian debts?


it’s called steroid induced mania.


My late wife took Decadron as part of her chemotherapy cocktail. It lasts a bit more than 24 hours, and her moods changed like clockwork.

First came energy, then brain fog started creeping in. There was a 3 hour window of hair trigger crabby, while the brain fog arrived in full force. At which point this normally brilliant woman (math Phd from MIT, MPH, Erdös #2, 80+ papers, approaching 10K cites) couldn’t concentrate sufficiently to watch the most banal TV we could find, a pick-a-house HGTV show. When it was close to wearing off, and the fog was clearing, there was a luckily short but profound bit of depression.

The hospital had a writeup on what could happen. It included the official possible effects, as well as the anecdotal ones. As usual there was the typical ban on operating heavy machinery, but the doctor had added their own, no operating any heavy decisions. It was fine to decide its time for lunch, but don’t work on your will, you might discover you left your fortune to a cat, and it wasn’t even your cat.

The cabinet should have said, let mike take care of stuff until the steroids wear off. One ER doctor after reading about his little joyride, and his unwillingness to protect others, said if one of her patients tryied that, she would have called in a psych consult and pitched a 72 hour involuntary hold as a danger to others.


Voice of reason Don Jr is the guy who picked Kimberly Guilfoyle to date.

Cecily Strong did an imitation that I can’t stop laughing at because it was so spot on

At 7:30 in the SNL cold open:


Trump taxes. Trump taxes. Trump taxes.


Ah, maybe he wasn’t high. Maybe he was crying. Maybe reality is starting to sink in.

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