Vaping and causing a disturbance: Boebert removed from Denver showing of Beetlejuice

So far, my parents have treated us to five very popular musicals on Broadway, and at no time did we and – from what I could see – most of the audience, fancy ourselves up. In fact, pretty much the opposite; casual. Gotta, if you want to sit comfortably for 2 to 3 hours. Now, if there was some post-show plan to allow oneself into getting duped into one of the over-priced and mediocre fancy-schmancy tie-jacket restaurants in the area, then, well… Maybe Denver is different?

“You wouldn’t download a congressperson.”


There is plenty to jeer at without resorting to what she wears

Décollage is the process of ripping, tearing and ungluing layers to reach a new truth/message/lizard

Décolletage is… aah you were probably right


Do you mean WITH the theater? I highly fucking doubt that they were in on it, no?

And who cares what she was wearing, FFS. This is a person trying to destroy the country right now… but HEY, you know them wimmins and their clothings!!! /s


Apparently, the plot thickens.

Family values.


So not just vaping, but taking flash photography, verbally abusing a pregnant woman, and making out in public. And when asked to leave, she thought it would be a great idea to draw further attention to this whole incident by making a big scene.


You can’t say she’s not a prime example of the very people she claims to represent. Or that she attracts.

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