Vaughn Bodē documentary in the works

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Long overdue… I caught Vaugh Bode’s slideshow presentation at the '74 Comicon when I was fifteen, hanging around with my pal Brian Donofree. Vaughn showed a lot of his work then ventured into his inspirations, most notably Winsor McKay. It was a great intro to his process


does a silvester the cat come in there

I love Vaughn Bodē’s art and style, but as a person. . .I won’t mince words. I got turned on to him when I picked up a second-hand copy of a “Cobalt 60” collection, then chased down various collected “Cheech Wizard” publications.

I got turned off when I wondered what had happened to him, and had to look up exactly what " autoerotic asphyxiation" was.


Looks like you will need to add David Carradine & Robin Williams to your list, then.


Why is that such a turn off? Who cares?


Well, I have an opinion about you as a person now, too.


I still have dogeared, worn-out copies of Cheech Wizard and company. Some have seed burnt holes, others are taped together or have been re-stapled. I wish he had lived lots longer but his path was his own to follow. I’m grateful for all that he did give us to enjoy.


Robin Williams?

Pretty sure he was suffering from severe depression after his Parkinsons diagnosis (with Lewy body complications).

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Yeah, Williams committed suicide. Nothing to do with autoerotic asphyxiation.

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That I think negatively of someone who robbed his 13 year old son of a father because he choked himself to achieve sexual gratification? shrug Judge away.

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Thanks to Vaughn I was prepared for Carradine; I think Williams was a straight (very sad) suicide.

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