Vegemite ice pops


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“Frosty Vom Wands”


Oddly, this kinda vibes with my feelings of Vegemite having a cold, processed aroma vs Marmite’s warm, inviting one.*

*North American here. I don’t have a flag in this fight. I’ll smear Marmite on my toast, drizzle Vegemite sauce over my broccoli, and put Cenovis (well, if I could obtain it) in my soup. I do not give a fark about allegiance.


if you’ve ever tried Duriyan pops from the local chinese grocery - I can’t imagine these taste much worse.


me too. I like vegemite more because it spreads easy but I feel marmite is slightly better tasting.


mmmmmm. frozen dirt.

nevermind I was thinking marmite. After that experience I decided vegemite was off the table.

for reference, I’ll happily eat Hakarl again though… maybe even Hakarl pops… as long as there’s some Brennevin around.


ice pops with their thick, dark yeast spread.

An epicurean delight…


Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.


As an Australian who loves Vegemite - I’m even Melbourne-based, incidentally - on toast etc, I have to say about this: no. Just no. Fuck no.



Is this strictly neccesary?


Is that an Vegemite Icy Pole™ in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?


Vegemite ice pops?
Vegeshouldn’t ice pops.


That’s OK, up here in the Northern latitudes where it’s winter, we have our own disgusting winter snack. . .


Serious question: should I buy a jar of this stuff and try it out? I assume it’s not Limburger cheese bad.


Steve1989MRE eating Vegemite:



I’d say yes, but as an Australian I may not be a trustworthy source. :wink:






From my understanding, the only people who still eat Hakarl are tourists and travel show hosts.

Now whale steak is just awesome. (Yes I am going to hell)