Venue cancels Marjorie Taylor Greene's Jan 6th party

To say the very least about that disgusting shit… God, these people are making money off one of the worst day in our modern history. What a bunch of utter scum.

Either way, it’s pretty awful.

I guess this is who had it made?

So, lefties, I guess? Still, it’s gross.


Insurrection! People died! More took their own lives later! Fun for all the family!

Dickhead lefties.

From Wikipedia:

Journalist Glenn Greenwald has also offered praise for the podcast

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Definitely sounds like it. From Crooks and Liars:

The board game was created by the TrueAnon, a political podcast hosted by Brace Belden and Liz Franczak and produced by Yung Chomsky. As of Tuesday, it is the ninth-ranked podcast on Patreon.

On Tuesday’s episode of the podcast, titled “MAGA-log,” the hosts promoted the new game and recalled the Capitol riot, with Belden describing it as “the best day of watching things on TV” and Franczak calling it “a slice of life.”

Sounds like one of those shows where they ostensibly picked a side but still treat politics like it’s a form of popular entertainment. Definitely not the kind of thing I’m tempted to listen to. I guess they can go hang out with Bill Maher.


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Maybe if he picks Hillary?

But yeah, probably not. In fact, it probably doesn’t even matter if his running mate is eligible for the position, since he isn’t eligible for his.


More on this…

There’s no way I’m going to start listening to that podcast now but from what I’ve read they’re embracing the so-called “dirtbag left” label fof their rhetorical style. Ugh.

I have listened to pretty much all of their free episodes, and I can say that isn’t true. Sometimes they go a bit too far into conspiracy theory territory, but beyond that, they are quite good.

I don’t think many people who volunteered to serve with the People’s Protection Units (YPG) in the Syrian Civil War think of politics as popular entertainment.

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How do you feel about statements like these from the article linked above? Because they sure don’t sound like comments from people who took January 6 seriously to me.

Despite his own stated belief that the Capitol riot was a comedy goldmine, Belden said that the game is “for everybody”: Whether “you were at January 6, or if you spent the next two years spending all your free time on LinkedIn trying to find people who were [there to] get them fired or arrested, this game is for you,” he said.

… as True Anon has made clear, the day means different things to different people. Belden told Jezebel he planned to mark the occasion a bit differently: “By trying to make $1 million off the events of January 6.”

His sense of humor has always been trollish, dating back to his first band in 2005 when he was fifteen. He and his friends started a satirical right-wing, pro-war punk band called Warkrime.

However, his actions have consistently been on the right side of history, from protesting the war in Iraq to organizing unions.

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That’s… not really a good thing? At least it’s not a good thing for an adult to have the same trollish sense of humor they did when they were 15.

Used the right way humor can be used to challenge power imbalances and social injustice, but it can just as easily be used to dismiss people who are victims of injustice. If you treat something very serious as “just a joke” then you don’t get to play the victim when others call you out for it.


Yeah I guess.

It’s more like a coping mechanism. He makes really similar jokes about his time in the Monarch School and being a drug addict.

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The only party one should do in Jan 6th is the Befana party.

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