Venus fly trap urinal


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They look dangerous but are made of friendly silicone rubber.

Oh, I can name a lot of things like that.


Feed me, Seymour!



ETA: Add a few more :scream:'s for the price:

Venus Fly Trap Urinal $16,500


That’s one expensive-ass “pot” to “piss in.”


And it’s not even signed.


Silicone rubber can be mighty friendly.

If the rest of the house isn’t like this, they are spending their money wrong.


I adhere to few rules in life, but not peeing on gigantic people eating plants is one of them.


I ain’t cleaning all that.


Would an owner of this masterpiece be happy when some of the kids are never fully potty-trained?


This (urinal) while knowing that the plant is so named because some lonely botanist had imaginings of the plant being suggestive of a distinctly (lethal) female object (for flies lacking zippers)





In spite of the spikes being merely silicone rubber it seems like that design would encourage guys to stand too far back and risk dribbling on the floor.

I remember reading somewhere that as practical as guys might think that having a home urinal would be, real estate agents say that it can make a house harder to sell - often because women don’t want one in their house.

I’ve seen a case made for having one inside of a cabinet or closet in a garage or basement workshop that is mostly the domain of guys.


I don’t know if it’s just me, but I would feel uncomfortable using that. There’s a deep psychological Freudian thing going on there and I can’t exactly pinpoint what it is.


Yeah me too. Maybe if they added drapes and a rose window over the door.


It looks miniature



I think about that every single day.


I don’t need no dang urinal. Just gimme a toilet. I want a toilet like what Al Bundy had. A man’s toilet. An American made Ferguson!