Verkada surveillance company used cameras to sexually surveil its own woman employees

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Somehow I get the suspicion that there is a whitepaper touting this as a “feature” and “creative use of their products.”

(This is unlikely to be on the web for download, but emailed to the “discerning customer” meeting such criteria. I am looking at you RNC.)




so having read the two pieces…did I read this right?

post 1) surveillance camera start up used surveillance to capture male staff harassing female staff
post 2) male staff used surveillance to harass female staff directly

Am I misreading these two things?

“Face match… find me a squirt.”

I have seen this quote in a couple of different articles about this. I know what the sexual interpretation of “squirt” is, but the meaning of this quote escapes me.

Does anybody understand it?

“Verkada male employees too ugly for spycams.”

Having worked for several Silicon Valley startups and my role being adjacent to the sales teams, this behavior does not surprise me in the least.

Sales is still very much a male dominate area in general and SV tech sales especially is extremely “bro culture” dominated. It’s far too common for a sales leader to fill his team with buddies and prior workmates who share the same toxic masculinity viewpoints. Left unchecked or controlled by senior management it quickly devolves into frat house behavior.

What’s worse is I’m seeing this behavior accelerating with millennials rather than tapering off as you might expect. Publicly, most of these young guns mouth all the right politically correct aphorisms but their private behavior can be very gross and offensive.


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