"Very strange cat" is way cooler than any of us

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Is that cat paralyzed? I think I watched them all and didn’t see him actually walking.

Pff, that’s not weird, that’s just dress up. Now, our Peppercorn is weird. If there is ever water running anywhere, she will run in and attempt to scale the legs of the person using the water (in the cutest/most painful way). If she’s picked up she will perch on their shoulder like a pirate’s parrot and watch.

Now, you maybe thinking “cats freak out when humans run water because they’re trying to warn them of the danger.” But not Ms Peppercorn. No, she wants to see the water, play in it and, if someone is taking a bath, will actually climb in onto their legs and chill in the bath with them or swat at the running tap. She’s freaky, man.


“Chuck Amuck,” the memoir by animation director Chuck Jones, includes tales of his childhood cat, who loved swimming in the ocean (and taking rest breaks on unsuspecting swimmers’ shoulders), enjoyed eating grapefruit by ripping through the rind until he was wearing the rind as a hat, and had plenty of other quirky behaviors.

If y’all can find that book, it’s worth reading, too. Part autobiography, part remembrance of the Golden Age of animation, part storytelling bible – with Daffy Duck scripts!


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