✌ Victory! ✌

It was that ‘6 oil-flooded basements a year on Long Island’ stat that made me think - because that requires that the oil guys get the spigot wrong and the tank at the other end of it is missing. Which makes me think that filling the wrong (but extant) tank must be a fairly common occurrence…as per @Medievalist’s experience.




Some of you might remember that my high school senior is in the non-enviable process of applying to college. April 1st (in most cases, although she did have an Early Action acceptance too) is the standard acceptance date, and then there are admitted student events at the schools during April, and then May 1st is the deadline for the student to make a choice. She went to two of these overnight on-campus events for the two schools she felt were her best choices and then spent time thinking and talking about how those visits clarified her perceptions about what it would be like to be a student at those schools.

Today is Friday. On Tuesday, she came home from school and said that since it was obvious to her which college she should accept, she was ready to do so. I reminded her that I had said whenever that point came, she was to wait 24 hours before officially notifying the chosen school. So we talked about it at some length and then she went off to do homework. On Wednesday, she came home from school and we were going to sit down at the computer (there’s a non-refundable deposit involved, and she’s just barely under 18, so I have to sign off on some things) but life interfered for about an hour and then she had too much else to do. Instead, she came home during the day on Thursday and we did it then.

So, officially, she is going to college! For anyone keeping track, she made the “obvious” choice: the highest ranking school that accepted her, which is one of the top in the country, and because it is a university rather than a college she has options if she decides to change her major (which would have been harder at the small colleges).

Friends are congratulating me, but honestly I’m just relieved that the process is over! At this point, as long as she doesn’t flunk her English class (all her other classes are above and beyond graduation requirements) – and she currently has a solid “A” – she is graduating and starting adulthood with at least the next 4 years sorted out. Whew!



I have a fully-registered-in-the-state-of-Connecticut automobile, black, with no air conditioning!


Put in my two weeks at work. I didn’t hate the job, but it really doesn’t work well with my school schedule and I found one that pays better. Best part is I don’t have to work for a couple weeks before finals.


I’m surprised a car with heated seats doesn’t come with AC.


I’d bet it did, but the compressor is shot or the coolant requires replacing. Both are expensive.

@OtherMichael: I feel for ya, been there. Mine had only two windows and a moon roof.


Yeah – I def. should have checked out the A/C on the test drive. ::LE SIGH:: But the heat and other things that take moisture away from the windows worked. And I can roll everything down. So there’s that.


The CEO called me today. She’s (finally*) willing to amend my employment agreement to reduce my weekly working hours. No details yet (wage reduction et al). But FUCK YEAH!

* it probably helped that I didn’t kept my job interviews too secret…


It’s been 27 years of fighting hard, but finally there’s victory for the families of the 96 victims of the Hillsborough Disaster, and the people of Liverpool.


Man. I was in high school, in the US when this happened, in the 1980’s, and I still remember it being in the news.


I’m wondering how Kelvin McKenzie and the Sun will respond.

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Why would they care? It’s not like anyone from Liverpool buys The Sun anymore.


I saw him on the news blathering about it trying to make out it wasn’t his fault the Sun ran the story that way. He even affected a tearful quiver to his voice, the mendacious shitbag.


I’m not even from Liverpool, but I wept when I heard the news. My heart goes out to the families and fans who not only lost friends and loved ones, but then laboured under official disapprobation for a quarter of a lifetime. Whether this historic injustice links to Thatcher’s dependence on the police during the miners’ strikes, I don’t know.

It’s shameful that the police’s instincts remain to close ranks in the face of failure, but at least the public are more vigilant in the face of it now - see the case of Jean Charles De Menenez, for example.

And fair play to Andy Burnham, who has consistently pushed for the enquiry.


I have a chronically underemployed friend. I’m helping him vet a better job today.


I scored a major victory at the office today when I able to produce documentation proving that the appropriate person had died and made me God.


Holy crap!!1!!! I made dinner in a real oven tonight!!1111eleventy!!!111!!


Looking spiffy! What did you make?


My couchsurfing friend wanted to hitchhike to Belfast airport. Ten minutes later, a police car came and picked him up (and took him to the airport - they just wanted to be nice).