✌ Victory! ✌

It doesn’t always feel like a genetic lottery win, man. :pouting_cat:


I think it depends on the day. Sometimes I’m like, “yay, I don’t look my age” and sometimes it’s like “Oh, you don’t think I’m an adult, huh?” Depends on the mood.

Actually I’ve been getting white hairs (like my dad’s mom) and kind of like them. However, I still am probably going to color my hair next week when I go for a (long overdue) hair cut. I was thinking actually going purple and grey…


I wish I had enough hair to do that… stupid male pattern baldness.


Shave it all and tattoo your scalp with something cool?


tempting but not sure where on the divorce complaint list MrsTobinL would put that… :smile_cat:


At 33, I’m just getting to the age when I can venture out without a beard without looking like a teenager. Not that I venture out much anyway, but theoretically…


RatGirl (age 9) got asked if she was having wine when we had lunch today. She asked for a half a glass of champagne. :slight_smile:


Yay Europe!

Ah, I remember when I used to be European.


Geez, I gotta tell you, you Brits have a big problem here. (You might already be aware of that!) I haven’t spoken to a single person here who: a) thinks Brexit was a good idea; b) understands why y’all have lost your minds. It’s not even so much that they’re angry as it is they just don’t understand it. And worse, they’re making fun of it. It reminds me of the Bush years after he squandered all the post-9/11 goodwill. And the regular folks I’ve talked to want y’all gone yesterday. None of this two-year stuff that your PM is talking about.

On the plus side, it’s a very good time to be an American in Europe. And if I’d known how effective it is to bring a cute 9-year-old who speaks the languages pretty well, I’d have done it long ago. She had a looong conversation with our lunchtime waiter about the menu. She was chattering away, and I got maybe every third word. I don’t have a clue what she ordered us-- some kind of small fishes in a wine and butter sauce with little roasty potatoes-- but it was amazing. I am counting on her to guide our stomachs through Paris in a couple of days.

And she saw her first Rembrandt yesterday. :slight_smile:


Ratgirl’s got moxie!


Now that I think of it, they are white. The masstone of those areas just appears grey. The white hairs on my beard, however, aren’t shy at all. They look white.

I don’t mind them at all, though. Rather like them, actually.


Six years ago I was 270 lbs and wore size 40 jeans.
This morning I weighed in at 216 and I fit comfortably in 34s .

17 lbs to go. I feel better than I have in a decade.

Left to right, top to bottom.

Magnesium 400mg, zinc 50mg, multi (mostly for B’s , copper, A, E, and trace minerals).
Prozac, allopurinol.
Advil (for inflammation in muh organs, stopping that one this weekend), lisinipril, 3600mg fish oil

Vegan protein shake at 1/3 strength, choline, phenylpiracitam, and the old standby of l-theanine and caffeine, and 750mg NaCl.

This makes a 25oz “shake” that tatses worse than vomit. But all of this ensures I secrete almost zero insulin, my kidneys are happily just processing water, my liver is in a Zen state, and I have tons of non jittery energy.

It’s kinda (actually very similar) to soylent, but tastes way worse.


Awesome! Sorry to hear about the pills and nasty foodstuffs required, but it’s working, so it’ll be totally worth it!


if i could figure out a way to make this (without the prescription pills of course) taste okay, i’d be a millionaire. i’m sleeping like a baby for six hours a night, wake up feeling great, and generally feel ten years younger.

phenylpiracetam is a really interesting one. i’ve taken piracetam before, but phenyl is more bioavailable so you only need like 5 milligrams. the combo of the four supplements on the right has increased my concentration and memory (not necessarily intelligence like a lot of people say) immensely.

biggest downside to the choline? take too much and you smell like a fish. but that’s not a big deal, since I am one!!


Is this all you eat, or just a supplement?


that’s been it, in total, since the morning of monday the 27th. i had kind of a cascading failure of sorts in my abdomen, so i’ve had to be very, very careful.

the root cause of all of this is likely very simple (though i’m going to see some specialists)–my GI is just starting to say No to alcohol. i’ve don’t non-permanent, but excruciating damage, and it just takes time to heal. I don’t appear to have any necrotic tissue, and the ultrasounds don’t see any sign of cancer, but my enzymes are still elevated. i’m gonna get jabbed with a few more needles next week to see how i’m doing, and if i need a CT scan.

but to tell you the truth? i’m now glad i had a minor brush with death. (30% mortality rate :smiley: ) it has forced me to make hard changes that i’ve been putting off.


Hopefully not too much time to heal, this diet seems like a sure path to diverticulitis. Also, it can’t be good for dating.


oh, that’s what i forgot to photograph. i take shitloads of fiber. i had diverticulitis once years ago, it sucks. i’ve been taking fiber supplements ever since and haven’t had a problem.


OK, that’s reassuring. Though that might making the dating part even worse…


It’s the constant passing of gas that’s the most challenging part.