✌ Victory! ✌



I don’t even remember what I asked you. Great news about the internship. And that cake sounds amazing.


Kick ass! Good for you, man, congrats!


Woo-hoo! Congratulations! (And you didn’t even have to fix the obscene language in that blog of yours. :wink:)


Pshh. Fuck that shit.


My car passed inspection. My sauerkraut smells like sauerkraut. I successfully got things done this weekend that I had pretty well thought I wasn’t going to get around to this weekend.

I feel exhausted and I need a week off. But it’s still a :v: Victory :v:


Found out my neighbors are finally moving next month after several attempts to sell over the past decade. Their now grown son was on the wrong side of the law when he was 12 or so, and while it appears to have been a one-time thing … well let’s just say it’s one less thing I have to think about now. Funny thing was not long ago he acted like he was doing everyone a favor by NOT selling after getting what he considered to be a low-ball offer. Yeah - gee thanks for that one


I had my ears syringed this morning (which isn’t actually a syringe at all) and now I can hear again. I had no idea my keyboard keys made little clicky sounds while I type and my mouse had a definite audible click, quite loud. So many sounds I have missed and I don’t have to constantly ask my husband to turn the TV up.


Oh, my turn again.

So I’m fairly well terrified to drive. Took me years to get any form of driving license and I was about 28 before legally allowed to drive by myself. However I never did. When I did drive (rarely) I always had my husband in the car.

I just agreed to tutor a student who lives about a 10 minute drive from myself. My husband would stay at home with the toddler and I would drive there. For the first time by myself.

Yesterday was the day. For an hour or so before I had to leave I felt sick. By the time my husband arrived home I was crying and then I threw up. He offered to drive me anyway, but I refused. I knew if I didn’t just do it I would get worked up again and again.

Anyway, so I did it. I drove there. I drove back in the dark. I tutored the student. It was all fine. Nothing bad happened. And next week I shall do it again. This time with less anxiety and panic, hopefully.


Thanks for sharing that, I needed a dose of vicarious victory!


And as a bonus it opens up other oportunties in the bargain.


Not just any ol’ victory, that’s a major victory!!!

:tada: CONGRATULATIONS!!!:confetti_ball:


A minor victory in the scheme of the universe, but:
My CT scan came back clean. So that’s good.


That’s wonderful


We paid off our mortgage today. It’s just a 110 year old farm house in southwest buttfuck nowhere, but it is OURS. This little patch of planet belongs to us and no one can make us leave! Wheeeee :tada::fireworks::cake:

I’m sure that the day the deed arrives will be the really big celebration day, but for now, might I just say FUCK YEAH!


After corresponding with my professor about my hopes for research experience, she recommended me to a local soap company. I still have to show up and speak with them (so keep your fingers crossed), but if I get the internship, I’ll get a chance to do research that has industrial applications. It’s unpaid, but I’m okay with that since what I’ve heard so far is that it’s very much a come and go as you please type of position. I’m not displacing a regular worker. My job will be to answer some basic research questions and it seems like I get to impose my own structure on my role there. I need to hit the books on soapmaking, hopefully the uni library has something on industrial soapmaking. I’m planning on hitting the shops and buying some of their product just to look at what they’re working with. I figure we need some more soap anyway.

@cleveremi that;s great news! Although I did initially read that as a 110 year mortgage! :smiley:

Sounds like heaven, as long as I could get high-speed Internet and Prime deliveries, I’d call it ideal.


This is a legit soap-making operation, right?


Well, the soap is supposed to be vegan-friendly. So basically that picture behind a farmer’s market.


I remember reading/hearing something about that when you pay off the mortgage, you’re supposed to burn papers and put them in the newel post at the base of the stairs. Have no idea if it’s true.
Sounds cool, though.



dating vegans would make that a non-issue