✌ Victory! ✌


That’s a hell of a suit jacket. My pants go at the crotch and knees and nowhere else.


That is not the Charlie Chaplin scene I was expecting from this lead-in!


Kudos:smile: for scoring 3 A+ and 1 B+


ETA: @andy_hilmer, these got snagged just above the back pocket and tore. Order of hole from most common to inevitable: keys rub through thigh from pocket, knees, snagged and torn (d20 to indicate damage (+10 newness) & d4 location), squat for crotch tear.


Clothes make the man. I see a great future in business consulting.



He’s a better man than I.


I can understand not wanting to be an American, but I’ll celebrate every awesome person becoming one, honestly. We need the help we can get.

I wonder if Neil Gaiman will become a citizen now, too. I mean, he’s married to an American, wrote much of his non-comic work here, and his book about American gods is becoming a TV show.

Just one more person to help us get rid of Trump in 4 years (if he makes it that long).


I think I initially misread this. You mean Trump, right? Not suggesting that Sir Pat might keel over in the next few years…?


YES! That Trump might not get through 4 years.

Sir Pat Stew must live forever!


I read it the same way @daneel did, but I also knew for sure that’s not what you meant. That would be nerd-blasphemy.


I have an email ticket into the Discourse people. I’m pretty sure it’s a technical requirement Chaplin video clips get a minimum of five likes or two likes per person clicking…


And you all know I’d never blaspheme against my fellow nerds…


Well, that was a much better result than the last time Leicester played Hull, eh, @d_r?


Don’t be surprised when Trump starts wearing a metal helmet.


Haven’t watched it yet, so fingers in my ears I can’t hear you

I enjoyed LC’s wipe of Liverpool last week, even though it was a bit of a slap in the face to Ranieri.

(You made me delurk for this…the power of football! )


That would be ridiculous, I mean hilarious.



A client recently hired a new engineer who decided that our entire next phase needed to be revised. The result: a drought of work in the shop so severe that even our busiest journeymen were pushing brooms and cleaning/repainting shop equipment. One even called off for a day, citing this as his reason.

We were told two weeks ago that there would at least one round of layoffs, two if they projected that the queue for this client would remain frozen in revision. I’d been at this shop three months and had already survived two rounds of layoffs. I wasn’t sure how low the axe would swing this week, though. As an apprentice, my labor is, from a management perspective, much more affordable but my skill set is much narrower.

Yesterday, after lunch, I kept waiting for that axe to swing. It never did.

Three layoffs in four months and I’ve survived all of them. Of all the new hires that came aboard the same week I did, I’m now the only one left. I’m getting the sense that they like me.


[quote=“d_r, post:1040, topic:71196, full:true”]
Haven’t watched it yet, so fingers in my ears I can’t hear you[/quote]
Watched it. At least HC made as many goals as LC.

I’m happy that LC is moving away from the relegation zone, but I can’t understand how a team with the heart and talent of HC is still in danger. There are plenty of teams that bring a lot less to the pitch and are more deserving of relegation.