✌ Victory! ✌


I don’t much like Hull’s owner, but hell, that’s true of most (all?) owners…

I don’t wish relegation on any team, although Sunderland have been stinking up the division for so long…


Saw the following headline while reading a different article, and figured I might as well put it here.

Yes, this is actually something to be put in the Victory thread. One whole week. :tada:



Good timing…

One of the dozen of yesterday’s scrolling/repeating text stories at the bottom of the screen on the morning (Wash. D.C.) news was:

Only one shooting in N.E. last night”


I was cleaning out my sewing room storage area, which is no small task. While refolding a bunch of African fabrics, I discovered this sweet South African rugby shirt, which I had forgotten that I had bought, and had never worn.


I remember how bad it got in the early 90s. This really is good news.



The Lego Batman minifigs are out, so I treated myself to one. :smiley:
And it was Fairy Princess Batman, which is THE BEST ONE!


So… where would one find such a thing? Asking for a friend.


I was tempted to pick one up the other day at the drug store!


One night before xmas I was sitting on the floor in the checkout aisle at Target, groping bags to find the right one for Little Miss Sprinkle Doughnut. Looks like I’ll be doing that again. The cashiers got into it, kinda fun actually.


Supermarket in my case, but Amazon or just about anywhere. There’s not a dud in the whole series.


Oh wow now I am torn, Glam Metal Batman or Fairy Batman?


I think the boxes are unmarked, so it’s a crapshoot which one you get (we have a Dick Grayson here).


For the past two years I have been slowly starting up a business. I’ve been learning all about selling online, and setting up a really slick website with nice branding, professional photography, and designing e-courses…and now I have one of my colleagues who has figured out how to run ads for webinars where he sells his stuff and he is making money. He is so excited and now I can put him together with my stuff, and with a friend who has a big social media following, and all together we can make the business work. It’s just been two years of “just keep going” and now, now, it seems like the pieces are coming together. So so so excited.


Wait – Eraser appears in the movie? HE’S IN semi-canonical CONTINUITY!!!


Bump codes on the back, but they can be tricky to read. Figure the identifying piece in each and grope the bag.



Wait, this means there’s a chance of a Condiment King minifig.



Replying to this so it doesn’t get drowned in Lego but also to say “That’s Awesome!”

Stoked for ya. :smiley:


InCoWriMo 2017 was a lot of fun. I got this from 88-year-old Arnold Roth who worked on the Harvey Kurtzman graphic humor magazines Humbug and Trump Magazine (1957, published by Hugh Hefner). I have another doodle personalized by Al Jaffee who worked on the aforementioned magazines and MAD Magazine. Those geriatric cartoonists wasted no time getting these out in the mail to me.