✌ Victory! ✌


?Por que los dos?


Not to be confused with the other Trump Magazine (2007-2009, published by some douchebag)

What does the foldout look like? :wink:

Seriously, I am so envious right now, but so happy for you.


Because you asked…

Al’s (ETA:)94 96 (Happy Birthday, Al! Mar 13), I wouldn’t ask him for a Fold-in! I did provide a small stamped envelope so he did have to fold the image. He also wrote me a little note that he and Arnold Roth celebrated Roth’s 88th birthday recently.

(ETA: you don’t have to be envious! if you have some stamps to spare and can get your hands on some (copies) of their art you too can have these. Get a move on, though… even Al Hirschfeld lived only to see 99.)


So cool!!


A slight hint of fascist-rejection:


Thank you. It’s a real emotional rollercoaster trying to start a business. I appreciate your comment.


The clocks go forward tonight!

DST! Woo!


… and remember to change your smoke detector batteries too !


After Wednesday’s wind storms, the power is finally back on at my house. Hopefully it stays on. No more shivering in the dark, yay! :joy:




On track to be the first Champions League winners to be relegated in the same season then?

Carlisle United managed to not get beaten. They still haven’t scored a goal in a month though.




Oh boy oh boy oh boy…


Well, I know what I’m doing at that time… I hope it’s not a tease.


Yeah, I hope Maddow isn’t presenting Hugh Hefner’s Profit/Loss Statement for 1957 for Trump Magazine. Worst tease. “I have here 96-year-old Al Jaffee, whose great-grandson went through a storage locker of tax documents to find loans Jaffee took out to fund a humor magazine started by former MAD Magazine editor Harvey Kurtzman…”

Telecast should be 9pm PST, which would be THE IDES OF MARCH IN D.C.!!





I need that emoji:


Anyone got a pirate stream? I don’t have cable.

ETA: I would pay to get news direct, and MSNBC won’t take my money. It’s 2017… I don’t want cable!




(worst date, ever, by the way. She was late, rude, changed our plans leaving me holding 30 bucks of tickets she asked me to buy for her, which she was going to cover but I had the memebership for the discount, and then she left early, as soon as I picked up the tab from dinner. She did drive me to my car, but insulted me on the way over to it, then tried to explain how I shouldn’t feel insulted).

I count that as a victory, by the way, because I was light and grace about it. That had nothing to do with me, she was a cold mess.