✌ Victory! ✌


Ugh. Crap. We spar quite often in here, but you deserve far better.

Constructive Dating Advice

Sparring partners or dates, take your pick!


Well, now at least they’ve made it nice and obvious, I guess. :confused:

Commiserations to you - and good on you for ‘keeping it classy’. (as I believe the youngsters say).


That really sucks, I’m very sorry you had to experience that kind of assholery. Sounds like you handled it well, so kudos for taking the high road.

Constructive Dating Advice

are you propositioning me? :wink:


Holy mackerel! At my other home away from Boing Boing (or one of them, anyway), The Comics Curmudgeon Blog, I’ve gotten my first Comment Of The Week. From Rex Morgan, M.D., and while I didn’t think it was the best thing I’d done–not even this week–who am I to judge?

“There are a lot of staircases here at Welton Green, but there are elevators too. It’s been, what, more than a quarter century since the Americans With Disabilities Act was passed, and don’t get me started on how long it’s been since the invention of the elevator. Yes sir, we’re all about modernization here at Welton Green. Just ask the servants.”


I managed to retrieve the lost end of the drawstring from my lounge pants!


Thank you!!!



I finished this month’s cryptic crossword from Harper’s Magazine!


So… my birthday was this week, and:

  • Girlfriend got me tickets to see Neil DeGrasse Tyson, the show was awesome, and a talk he’d never given before about one of my favorite subjects: Movie inaccuracies. Fun fact: NDT can, if the audio fails, recite the dialogue of at least one portion of the movie Contact, by heart, in sync with the actors’ lips.

  • Was preceded by dinner, where I ordered a lot of delicious food because A) It’s my birthday and B) I was paying for my own… or so I thought. One of our company picked up the bill for the whole table, not just me.

  • ThinkGeek opened up a store in my area. Got a free Timmy and a cookie, also a t-shirt. Need to go back, though. It was too crowded to really look around. Got a free limited edition Funko Pop bobblehead, but I’m not really a collector, so I’m going to see if I can get anything for it on eBay.

  • Successfully procrastinated homework till the last minute only to discover that it wasn’t that hard or time-consuming.

  • Randomly got a check in the mail for $50 for my birthday that… I actually wish wasn’t sent to me because I know the person who sent it probably needs the money. It was a money order, too. So it’s not like I could simply thank her and then not cash it. So that part is a little less “victory” but I was really touched she thought of me to begin with.

  • Best friend treated me to pizza at my favorite place the day after my birthday.

  • Just discovered I can download Netflix content onto my phone so I don’t have to use data.

Not trying to summon the bad luck demons, but I’m pretty happy about how this week went.


That happened like a week before my last flight. That was nice change to just download a season of something to watch midair.


Happy belated birthday, @ActionAbe!:balloon::birthday::tada:


Yay! Happy belated birthday @ActionAbe!


After a year of desperately applying for jobs left, right and center, the company I interviewed with last week sent me an offer letter.

As of last night, I have a new job with a 30% pay increase which means I now earn enough to sponsor Mrs Cynical’s visa and she doesn’t have to keep coming in and out of Singapore on tourist visas. She’s in Bangkok right now but we are both ecstatic and planning to spend the whole weekend drunk.

I can’t remember the last time I felt this happy. I hope you are all having equally wonderful weekends​…




Sounds like a great week!


Putting this in Victory. Could equally be in Fuck Today, but here’s best.

An IRL friend of mine has just scored his dream job. Doing what he really loves for a living, for a decent wage, on the world stage.

Even if it doesn’t pan out, it’s the sort of position that leads to many other Big, Important Things and (unlikely but still potentially as this is how things like that start) world name recognition. Like, newspaper headline stuff.

Oh, and he gets to do it in a tropical paradise. This is like a lotto-win type job and I’m totally stoked for him. :smiley:


Bittersweet: Negotiating two job offers. I’m not really ready emotionally to leave where I am now, but it’s time professionally. One is in a state where my parents have no interest in visiting (but that I prefer), one is in a state where my husband and I have lived before and his family lives in. So his family and mine have teamed up to get us to take the job in the preferred state: calling me to say I’m emasculating my husband, that he’ll never find a job in my preferred state, that my preferred state is really dangerous and my family will be murdered by roving methheads.

It’s 2017, academia has effectively collapsed, and I somehow have two job offers. And yet I really feel awful. At least I get the Last Word?


What’s your field? Is it as bad as mine? History is really having a tough period, regarding TT jobs.