✌ Victory! ✌


wtf? is your husband happy to move to your preferred state? if so what the fuck should they care? you are both happy is the important bit isn’t it?
also what state is supposedly full of roving murderous methheads?


Not knowing much about history, I can’t really say. I’d say that in my discipline (evolution), I saw probably 40 jobs posted that were close enough to consider. Of those, about 10 were at the types of institutions I wanted to work at. The curve is certainly that a minority, maybe around 10-15%, of students will end up in TT jobs.

He would also prefer the other state, but is willing to go with. He’d rather us settle somewhere and build the rest of our life than have me make a bad employment choice and have to move again in 3-4.

I’m not going to answer this in the non-regulars locked thread, but it would not be unreasonable to think that if we were out in the boonies of this state, that might be an issue. But we’ll be living in a city. A normal city. Where there aren’t methed-out hordes roving the streets.


That is awful. I know you know this, and it doesn’t make the situation any easier, but you know that other stuff isn’t true. I hope eventually your families come around to the two of you doing what’s right for you.

Go you!


Ah yes, lived that.

We never knew what Mom had against Texas - the south in general, but Texas especially - but she would not visit. She had never been in the state save for a layover at DFW in the 80s.


Thank you!


Fair enough. Sounds like you two are being realistic about things. So yay!


Your husband is strong - he’ll survive emasculation.

Or he’s weak and he won’t. But you’ll be in a great state!


Which job has the better chance of becoming a tenure-track position? That’s the one to take.


And now I think I know which state! Although, to be fair, you’ve described most of them.


They’re both TT, and both have reasonable tenure requirements per my research program.


What is this, the 1950s?

No wonder you don’t want to live in the same state as them.


Depending on where you’re from, that state can be anywhere between Ohio and Nevada inclusive.

In my experience, “roving murderous methheads” sounds like that little corner of Oklahoma/Kansas/Arkansas/Missouri near the Ozarks… or practically the entire state of Indiana.

It could be anywhere.


It sound like you’re making an excellent case for moving to a state which is away from his parents, and where your parents don’t want to visit.


Maine also


Yeah, I don’t think they know what a great case they’re making for the place I’d rather live.


That was my guess


Could be. For me, Maine has always seemed too superficially nice for methhead biker gangs. Kind of like Minnesota.* Maybe that northern part of interior Maine through New Hampshire and Vermont, near the White Mountains.

*I know, Minnesota has meth and biker gangs too.


How about “all of Maine > 4 miles from the shoreline” ?

That’s my guess, anyway.


…and >1 mile north of Portland?


That sounds a veritable sea of jobs compared to local postings about history. I was just looking on the USG website (the state university system website) and found 4 or 5 jobs in or around the city, with only one TT (I think, it’s a CC). I don’t think GSU has posted VL positions yet. We’ll see!

Good luck on the job offers though![quote=“infundibulum, post:1104, topic:71196”]
that my preferred state is really dangerous and my family will be murdered by roving methheads.

Also, this is CRAZY to say! I’m not sure they know how methheads work! :wink: