✌ Victory! ✌


Go for one of them, then for sure! TT’s are like unicorns!!!


So, do they not roam, not murder, or never murder and roam at the same time? :wink:


Why exclude Portland? It ain’t all picaresque bollards and cobblestones…

That being said, I wouldn’t mind living there.


Because Portland isn’t really Maine, it’s North Boston.


I realize I was unclear - by close enough, I meant in field. If I were devoted to the upper Midwest, I’d be hosed. There were like 4 jobs in my approximate field last year.

But my husband is now on board with my preferred job and I think I’ll sign on tomorrow!


Oh god!

YAY! Congrats! I’m so excited for you!


Woot. Finally got a call back from resume spamming. Interview tomorrow for a Dishwasher position… Maybe I can parlay that into something more? I’m just glass that I finally, finally was called.


YAY! If it pays the bills at this point that is all that matters.


DFW is one of the very few things I actually liked about that Other Country (more like, other planet). Maybe she got spooked by the dinosaur in the Braniff terminal?


Bollards are rarely picturesque, rather utilitarian, as in, “don’t drive here.”


Or “moor here”.


Eff. Yeah. I washed dishes for years (and still do :sunglasses:). I still use the industrial style rinse nozzles, they are just so much better.


Defense conquered! I’m going out for sushi!




When do we start calling you Dr. Mindysan33?





Is this where you start to get your full name now?

Like “Mindysan33 The Historian, Slayer of Untruths” sort of thing?



That is how these things work, right?

If it’s not, don’t tell me. I like my idea of academia.